A I’m Stuck Mondays Suck Just Sayin’

CoffeeTo Balloon Boy’s Father
Really? You couldn’t get a reality show without involving your six year old son in a felony? Honestly? Come on! Even Scott Baio who is a total Chachbag got a reality show. Perhaps, you should get a Twitter account and start being a total asshole. At least then you’re just affecting yourself and not a six year old little boy.
Just Sayin’
To my blog readers
I know I haven’t been as prolific. It’s mainly because, though I’ve found acceptance of who I am and what I write, this job of being an author ain’t an easy row to hoe. The Redneck made a profound statement. He said “There’s two kinds of authors, honey. The Nora Roberts and the authors who struggle.” Bear with me. I was trying to spare you the whiny angst. I’m sure I’ll share some of it this week.
Just Sayin’
I actually have TWO bones to pick with you.
1. Defying Gravity. Awesome show and you cancelled it….in the MIDDLE OF THE SERIES. Some of us were watching it. Some of us want to see some resolution. Couldn’t you just cancel it for next season? Do you have to stop it in the MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING SERIES!!!???? I’m not watching anymore shows on your channel. Even if people say they’re awesome, because I think you’ll cancel them in the MIDDLE OF THE SERIES.
2. Your NASCAR coverage sucks. Your camera angles? Meh. Your announcers? Meh. Your sound? SUCKS BIG DONKEY ASS. For two weeks, at Fontana and at Charlotte, you had sound issues and didn’t seem to know it. Doesn’t ANYONE at your station listen to your own broadcast? *shakes head* You suck. Just so you know, you’re now beating NBC in the suckage category.
Just Sayin’
To You Know Who aka Peter Pan
You’re really going to call the Redneck and whine about his crane? You’re really going to call the Redneck and say how awful this job is? Really? Oh my God. I SO want you to get kicked to the curb.
Just Sayin’
To The Cub Scout Bitch
Don’t hard ass me ever again to get you some damn piece of paper when you disappear for days and don’t answer your phone. When you rag on me for not getting something done, I assume you want to me get it done and get the fucking thing to you. Never again. I’m not jumping through anymore hoops. And one more crack from you tonight? I might give the kids a lesson in verbal fencing. “Here kids. This is what you do when someone bullies you and you’ve tried reason.” (Don’t worry, readers. I probably won’t say anything. *sigh*)
Just Sayin’
To Mima
Thank you so much. For all the critiquing and the time you spent trying to make my book better. You ROCK!!!!
Just Sayin’



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9 responses to “A I’m Stuck Mondays Suck Just Sayin’

  1. Hi Jennifer πŸ™‚
    I loved your post.
    And I agree with you.
    And I hope you stand up to the bully.
    All the best,

  2. Shawna


    The Redneck is a wise man. Hang in there, sweetie.

    And I am so not a confrontational person, but I’m ready to do some verbal fencing with the Cubscout Bitch.

    And yeah, ditto the balloon boy thing. Give me a break.

    • Jen

      I’m really not that confrontational so I find the whole thing really uncomfortable….and annoying.

      I’ll tell the Redneck he is a wise man now. He’ll appreciate the ego boost. LOL.

  3. I had no idea Chachi was such a chachbag.

  4. I am so miffed about Defying Gravity. What the heck were they doing? It seemed a WHOLE bunch of viewers are up in arms. Don’t networks WANT readers.

    And the cub scout witch? WTH is her problem? I hope the boys are at least enjoying it for all you have to go through to keep them active. 😦

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