Thirteen Books I can’t Wait To Buy!

1. Kim Knox’s “Satin Spar”
2. The Seeking Kiss by Eden Bradley
3. Protecting Phoebe by Shelli Stevens
4. Love’s Alchemy by Ciar Cullen
5. Blood And Roses by Aislinn Kerry
6. Forbidden by Karen Erickson
7. Taking Liberty by Jodi Redford
8. The Dickens With Love by Josh Lanyon
9. The Soul Jar by Jennifer Colgan
10. First Date by Lynne Roberts
11. After Hours by Lynne Roberts
12. A Love Neverending
13. I Spy Something Wicked by Josh Lanyon

I have to save my money! Or hope Santa Clause has PayPal.



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26 responses to “Thirteen Books I can’t Wait To Buy!

  1. LOL Santa Claus has paypal. Maybe dreams do come true..sigh.
    Great list. Happy T13!

  2. Satin Spar is on my list, too. And Love’s Alchemy. I need to save up my money!

  3. cmtorrens

    Sweet! More books to add to my growing list. Man, I will never have enough books. lol

  4. And mine, right? You’re totally gonna buy mine, too, right?

    Oh wait, I need to get the darn thing *published* first, don’t I? Sorry, I jumped the gun… 😉

    Happy TT!
    Ciao for now…!

  5. Very cool list. I might add that I have the Christmas She Rules on my list.

  6. Great list! I have to jot a few of those down before I forget!

  7. The Soul Jar gets my Best Title Award.

  8. Not quite a Best of Samhain list, but close.

  9. Adding to my TBR list…. Seriously, some of these titles alone knock my socks off. The Soul Jar… Love’s Alchemy. Sigh.

    Santa should just bring money this year–I know where I’ll spend it. : )

    I’d also add Marked for Pleasure and The Christmas She Rules to my list. ; )

  10. Don’t you love to-be-bought lists?! *VBG*

  11. way to get me revved for the new releases!


    • Jen

      I REALLY need to stay away from the “coming soon” pages. Adelle’s books are up at Red Rose Publishing, so now I’ve added two MORE to the list. LOL.

  12. How about putting a bonus #14 book on there – Shifting Tides by moi? lol.
    It’s out now in trade paperback. :grins:

    anyhoo, good choices all.

    Happy T13!

    Our T13 is up at the Midnight Moon Cafe:

  13. Nice list, I haven’t read any of them but they’re probably still good, lol. Save your money and enjoy your books, maybe Santa will drop one or two into your stocking.

    Happy TT.

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