A Cub Scout Just Sayin’

To The Dirt Faced Okie Boys
You did a great job selling popcorn on Saturday. It was tough. We hung in there for three hours and, even though we had issues, you persevered. I’m proud of you. Also, we sold most of what we had. You ROCK!!!
Just Sayin’
To The Cub Scout Bitch
Well, somehow we muddled through. You don’t like me. I don’t like you. And my kids REALLY don’t like you. But we spent three hours, in the wind, in the cold, selling popcorn, and nobody died. I call that a win. I won’t say it was fun. It wasn’t. I’m sure there are a million other people you would have rather been hanging with, but unfortunately, I’m the only one who got my ass out of bed at 8:30am on a Saturday to sell popcorn with you. We survived to dislike each other another day.
Just sayin’
To my Muse
You’ve been inconsistent, incomprehensible, and annoying lately. Too many fits and starts. Not enough solid characterization. And Britney Spears. I have not threats, no power to stop your antics, but I can only ply you with chocolate. Don’t be an ass! Put down the margarita and help me finish the two stories I need to finish.
Just sayin’
To Starbucks, Fortuna, California
And the woman who suggested the Carmel Apple Cider. I lurrrrrve you.
Just Sayin’



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12 responses to “A Cub Scout Just Sayin’

  1. LOL – we survived to dislike each other another day.

    that made me spit my water out and laugh.

  2. Carmel Apple Cider. Oh that sounds good! My Starbucks is still doing the Pumpkin Spice Latte thing.

    Muse… who said she was a fickle.. well, you know?


    Feed her more chocolate, she’ll cooperate.

  3. I’m so sorry I didn’t make it down there. I ended up sending my children away and going on an ultra hot Winco date by myself. It’s so sad that I look forward to grocery shopping!

  4. Attila the Mom

    Snarf. Cub Scout Bitch. I love it!

  5. “Dropped out of the picture?” Did you help her to “drop?” Ha! I totally said you’d help me hide the bodies on my blog so I’d believe it :-).

  6. 1) I was reading quickly and got to “But we spent three hours, in the wind, in the cold, selling popcorn…” What I read was “selling porn”! Wow, I thought, the Cub Scouts have changed.

    2) Starbucks is evil, I think.

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