Myla By Moolight by Inez Kelley

Myla by Moonlight
Myla is a protector, a spell, cast by Prince Taric’s mother at the moment of her death. Throughout Taric’s life, Myla has appeared when he’s threatened. She’s his pet cat, Soot. She’s a jaguar that will rip a man’s throat out. But something happens when Myla is thrown into Taric’s arms during another assassination attempt. The two of them discover a connection that grows into something powerful…and dangerous. The imagery in Inez’s story is beautiful and rich throughout. But it’s the emotion that makes this book fantastic. The depth of the characters makes the story a page turner. The conflict is wrenching. A woman who is only a spell but who falls in love with a prince. A prince who becomes marked by love, literally, but must produce an heir or his kingdom becomes the tool of evil. And a villain who is willing to go to any lengths–murder, massacre, trickery and magic-to exact revenge.
I think what I loved the most about this story was the various depictions of love. It’s very rare to find parental love shown in such a deep and meaningful way. The love that Taric’s father has for him, for his lost mate, for his kingdom is given loving attention. The love that Taric’s best friend has for him is given a light, but sweet , touch. And finally, the love that Taric and Myla share-that intense passionate love tempered by compassion and caring–is carefully crafted in well chosen words.
Even in the final scenes that were gut wrenching, leaving the happy ending hanging in the balance, I still got a glimpse of the theme of love that Inez wove through the story.
The message from this story is that love conquers all–hatred, gender, violence, magic, even death. Often, in a romance, I get to experience the love of two people, but Inez gave me even more. She showed me love in all its forms, unwieldy, uncompromising, unrelenting, and amazing.
If you haven’t had a chance to get Inez Kelley’s fantasy “Myla by Moonlight”, go give it a try. I found it a beautifully written love story–love of many kinds–that gave me my happily ever after in a million different ways.




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7 responses to “Myla By Moolight by Inez Kelley

  1. Yes. Couldn’t agree more. Everyone should do themselves a favor and read Myla by Moonlight!

  2. This story has so much depth in it. Truly an ensemble cast of characters. Can’t wait for a sequel!

  3. Bella

    Thanks Inez and Jennifer, for bringing me here — the name alone is priceless!

    Shall I stalk you with the same question everywhere, Ms. Chia? Or will that make you nutso? Let’s see …

    sequel? *ducks*


  4. Dang it, Jen! How am I ever supposed to get to the end of my TBR list if you keep showcasing wonderful books? ; )

    Seriously, I’ve wanted to read Myla by Moonlight since I saw the cover weeks.. days ago (time is a tricky thing when you’re in revisions) Now that I’ve read the blurb, it’s moved up my list.

  5. Jo Ann Jansing

    Hmm… let me know if that works Bella..
    Oh wait that’s what I’m already doing, kinda..
    I’ll have it next month at the lastest one way or another. Up coming B&N GC already planned out. Great reviews, great title, beautiful cover.. looks like it has it all… I want it…

  6. inezkelley

    Yes, I am writing Bryton’s story. Are you happy now????

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