OMG! I have Whiskey! Whiskey Wednesday

I’ve been tightening my belt lately. Plus, Crown Royal Whiskey raised its prices. Sooo sad. I cried big crocodile tears and everything. I’ve settled for Moscato complete with my pinky raised. Wine is so frou frou.
But yesterday, I was at the store and Crown Royal was ON SALE. Yes siree bob. I was a happy little writer.
Five days. No kids. No hubby. I’m working, but that still leaves mornings and evenings allllllllllll to myself.
And I have whiskey.
Of course, my BIL had to open it before I got home last night. *rolls eyes*. There’s still plenty left though.
This week is going fabulously and I credit all of your positive thoughts. Oh, and Zane Lamprey. LOL.



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2 responses to “OMG! I have Whiskey! Whiskey Wednesday

  1. Yay for whiskey! My organic vodka was on sale this week, too. It must be our week. Perhaps liquor prices are just the first shift in our karma? 😉

  2. jodi

    You watch Zane Lamprey too??? My kid has all the seasons and a plebius sweatshirt. I must have watched season one a gazillion times.

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