A Why Last Week Was The Worst Week Ever Just Sayin’

To The Universe
Thank you so much for the looooooong seven days you tormented me with. And without Whiskey.
Here’s a list of why it was the worst.Week.Evah!
1. Signed the order to kill the dog.
It sucked. I felt like Hitler.
2. Lost the diamond from my engagement ring.
After almost ten years of marriage, I’ve grown attached to the damn thing…and now it’s gone.
3. The Redneck informed me he may be going to San Luis Obispo.
After working on the road for four years, he’s at least been able to come home on weekends. Yeah, this new job? Not so much. We’ll see him maybe every other weekend. How the hell are we supposed to be a family with him eight hours away? I hate this.
4. Demolition Boy got kicked off the bus for two days.
He totally deserved it and I grounded him.
5. Demolition boy got sent home from school Friday.
6. Meeting with Demolition Boy’s teacher Friday afternoon.
Shoot. Me. Now.
7. I caught a cold.
Those were the biggies. I have to work in the office this week and I’m viewing it as an escape.
Just Sayin’
To Zane Lamprey
You were a bright spot. Of course, it might have been the Theraflu, but only time will tell if our love will last.
Just Sayin’
To My BIL, The Redneck and Grandpa HoHo
Look, I can’t help it that my Daycare provider informed me two weeks ago that she has cancer and can’t take the boys anymore. (Did I mention worst. week. ever.?) And I haven’t had a minute to breathe much less interview more Daycare providers. And BIL, once you agree to take the boys, I pretty much figure my work is done. It’s not my job to discuss an itinerary with you, or make decisions for you. And Redneck, honey, I can’t help it if you’re all worried BIL is going to fuck with the opening weekend of deer season. I am not in charge of the hunting schedule. So why the hell do you guys ask ME??? Ask BIL. He’s in charge of the dirt faced okie boys. Poor guy. Having said that, thank GOD you’re taking them away. I love hunting trips….that I don’t have to go on.
Just Sayin’
To Good Relations
I’m just going to say “Thank you so much” and nothing else. ‘Kay?
Just Sayin’
To Beyonce
Never been much of a fan, but after seeing your gracious response to Kanye West’s incredible rudeness, you’ve gone way up a notch. Kanye’s behavior? To be expected. The man is a walking rant fest. But to see you reach out to a young star made the whole story focus somewhere else. I’d rather pay attention to your nice gesture than his idiocy.
Just sayin’



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6 responses to “A Why Last Week Was The Worst Week Ever Just Sayin’

  1. Hang in there hon! You need to go out and buy a lottery ticket because your luck has to improve. I hope you’re feeling better soon and life gets back on your side. Good luck, *hugs*!!!

  2. verybadcat

    Oh, honey. I hope this week is a good as last week was bad.

  3. Sandi

    You can call me anytime! I’m having the week from hell but we can commiserate over wine! Or is it whine?!

  4. 😦 Hope the week improved as it went on.

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