I’m officially in Love With Zane Lamprey.

This shouldn’t surprise any of you. After all, I’m a romance writer who features “Whiskey Wednesday” on my blog. Plus, I have a thing for guys who drink. AND I had one of the worst weeks on record.
Worst. Week. Ever.
But enough about that.
Onto my new secret love.
He’s the host of the show “THREE SHEETS” which, if you haven’t seen it, is FANTASTIC. Now, I remember seeing advertisements for it on Hulu.com (on one of my long marathon “Hell’s Kitchen” watching) and thinking “A guy goes to foreign countries and gets shitfaced? Bah!” I think it was that moment I realized I was kind of old.
But one day, I was bored. You know. I SHOULD be working, writing, something, but I just didn’t have the brain power to do anything but watch mindless drivel.
So, I clicked on “Three Sheets” at Hulu.
Many, many episodes later, I became a convert. I followed Pleepleus with great pleasure, made sure I placed my thumb to my forehead for any good burps, and became fascinated by Zane’s delivery of cultural history, richness and general weirdness.
After several episodes (and even while I was sober), meeting Steve McKenna (finally) in the Kentucky episode (my favorite!!!!), I realized that, while Steve was cute (and owned his own store), Zane still became my secret crush.
Today, after a long week, head fuzzy from cold medicine and the dirt faced okie kids off with the Redneck for a day of Redneck Indoctrination, I’m kicking back and watching more episodes of “Three Sheets”. I don’t what I’m going to do when I run out.
Luckily, Zane has a website where I can stalk–er I mean keep up with what he’s up to and he’s on Twitter, so hopefully I won’t have to pine too much.
Now you know. Poor Zane. He has no idea what happens when I have a secret crush. Imagine the book possibilities!!!!!
You may now return to your regular scheduled insanity. I’m going to indulge mine.
Oh, and remember. That’s all just between you and me. Don’t tell the Redneck.



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18 responses to “I’m officially in Love With Zane Lamprey.

  1. Rosalind Stone

    lol, Jen! Your secret is safe with me!

  2. Shawna

    Not a word. Promise. : )

  3. CVD

    Oh, but he does! You’re not the only one Jen.

  4. Leslie

    Three Sheets is one of my faves! We worked hard to save it, as it was almost cancelled once MoJo went off the air. Thanks again, FLN!! I have a not so secret crush on Zane myself! Who wouldn’t love a guy who is funny as hell and can hold his own in ANY country!

    • Jen

      I had no idea (until I hit his website) that he’d been in danger of losing the show!!! And I’m so grateful to FLN for picking him back up. Now, if I can just stay up late and not fall asleep…..

  5. jeremy

    Luckily for you Zane posted your blog post on his twitter stream.

  6. Zee Brat

    Eep someone must have told him. He linked to this from his facebook fan page. 🙂

  7. LeviOHsa

    glad you discovered him! he is seriously the best! i’ve had a crush on him for about 2 years now, and i am happy to say that this is the only crush that my boyfriend is actually jealous of! haha! plus, you actually do learn from the show. (i totally fangirled the burp castle in the village when i walked by it on accident last year in NY)

    anywhooo, i am glad he is back on the air, bc i was really sad waiting around for the show to find a new network when mojo went bust… zane puts a smile on my face instantly :]

  8. Jen

    Seriously? He changed my week around. (I love Mrs. Zane too. She was so cute in the Vegas episode.)

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  10. Susan G

    Yeah, I love Zane, too…especially after spending the weekend with him and 50 of my new closest friends on a ZaneCrawl (pubcrawl) for two days in San Francisco. Zane, Steve, Karen & Kristen are AWESOME!!!

  11. I recently discovered Zane and Three Sheets. He’s adorable and far less obnoxious than Anthony Bourdain. Gotta love a show that tells you right up front that the point is for the host to get totally ‘pissed’ for each show.

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