A Labor Day Just Sayin’

To the United States Government
I’m stunned that you’re surprised by our reluctance to “go along with the program” when it comes to healthcare which is 1/6 of our economy. We’re kind of, I don’t know, SCARED. It’s a little nerve wracking when government spending involves Trillions of dollars (which I can’t wrap my brain around) and government control of banks and car companies. Plus, when I look around and I’m not seeing the downward spiral slowing in the least, it’s a little difficult to get behind a program that seems to cost a shitload of money and relies on taxes that may not be there. I always had issues with a healthcare program that seemed more interested in slapping the wrist of big corporations rather than providing healthcare. I get that big HMOs and corporate sharks are ripping us ALL off. And man, I totally understand that healthcare is broken. I’m also someone who has been through the “government controlled” system. I’ve been in that welfare office. I’ve had to fill out the reams of paperwork. I’ve had to go through the intense scrutiny which seems to assume I’m out to cheat the government, even though I proved I contributed thousands of dollars to the programs I needed. I’ve been the victim of your government employees who viewed those of us who needed help as “low lifes”. Perhaps, if some of you had experienced that lovely feeling of desperation, fear and humiliation, you would have a better understanding of why we’re not gung ho for a healthcare plan run by the U.S. government.
Just Sayin’
To Sandi
Thanks for taking me with you to Good Relations. What a total blast. And the Redneck enjoyed my birthday presents. *wink*.
Just Sayin’
To Princess Sera
Hah! I’m finished! No more Britney Spears!
Just Sayin’



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6 responses to “A Labor Day Just Sayin’

  1. When the hubster was doing his internship and I was trying to support us both at a minimum wage of $3.50/hr I went to the welfare office and applied for food stamps. I fortunately got a very nice person who understood my desperation, but explained that students don’t get food stamps and I was working so I didn’t qualify. Pisses me off that I didn’t get it when I wanted a hand UP and not a hand OUT.

    I don’t know what the answer is with this whole healthcare issue, but the current system is NOT working. I have two children currently without healthcare because one is going to school only part-time (and working full-time) and the other graduated from college, but her employer doesn’t offer insurance. Scary.

  2. Eric Kirk

    Single payer isn’t even on the table Jennifer, so you need not worry. The CBO actually projects that a public option would save the government 150 billion based on younger people paying in with premiums.

    Welfare is a bit different from Medicare. There are complaints about Medicare, but not nearly as many as with private insurance. And there are even fewer complaints about the VA, but we obviously can’t afford that universally.

    If the Public Option representatives operate like the welfare reps, then won’t be able to compete. They have to earn your business.

    I just hope Obama finds his balls and pushes for it. It won’t be perfect. No system is perfect. But it will save lives if it’s done right.

  3. You’re so welcome! I got your message late last night and I didn’t want to call you at 1AM! I’ll send you some pics over the next coupla days ;-). Thanks again for going and I’m glad your presents were well accepted ;-).

  4. Attila the Mom

    I hear what you’re sayin’ girlfriend!

  5. Shawna

    Amen! I pay so much for health insurance (700+) that I have at times considered canceling it. The current system is broken, there is no doubt about.

    But, I do not understand how a system that would fine me if I do cancel, would benefit me.

    I do not understand how people who have never been dependent on a government run healthcare system, such as medicare, can clamor for goverment run healthcare.

    It’s scary.

    Sure it sounds good, at this point, relief from the pressure of spending almost all of my monthly income on health insurance would be wonderful, but I look around at other countries loved ones live and where government controls the health care and shudder. Sure, it’s cheap/free, but you’re getting you pay for.

  6. Jen

    Shawna, that’s my opinion. If there was some guarantee that the healthcare provided would be better run than, say, Social Security, I’d be all for it. I don’t think ANYONE should be denied health coverage.
    Right now, there’s a movement afoot and it’s not from the conservatives wanting to save money. It’s from the liberals. They’d like to make “those at high risk” pay much more. Their definition of “high risk”? Fat people. Smokers. I notice they DON’T include other “high risk” groups.
    As usual, there’s an effort to divide the American people. But that’s an entirely different rant and I could go on a bit about that one.

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