So, this one time, at Hops in Humboldt….

So, Sandi over at Cheaper Than Therapy and I went to Hops In Humboldt. Once a year, several breweries get together and provide free beer aaaaalllllllllll day long. Well from 1pm to 5pm. Food vendors, big distributors and tiny places all hook up their kegs and dole out their wares for a very eager and discrimenating (a least during the early hours) crowd. Yes, the smell of pot wafts through the air and the fascinating mix of humanity was a writer’s DREAM! Sandi and I had some Kodak moments with a couple of chocolate bananas.
I plan to do a little more detailing tomorrow with my “Just Sayin'” post.
Yep. I found another fantastic, fun band. The Moonshine Bandits. How could I NOT love these guys?



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2 responses to “So, this one time, at Hops in Humboldt….

  1. It’s only cuz of the sticks :-). I had a fabulous time with you lady and I posted the pics on my Flickr account should you feel the need to relive the banana moments, lol! Thanks again for being my date and talking me through my porta potty anxiety.

  2. Jen

    I had an awesome time too. And those porta potties would strike fear into any woman’s heart. Shoot! A couple of the GUYS were freaked out.

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