Thirteen Things I’ve Canned (or will be canning) this year

1. Raspberries.
I made Raspberry jam and it is YUMMY.
2. Strawberries
The strawberries from our local grower Saechou’s are awesome.
3. Himalaya Blackberries
We have to redo this since the jam didn’t set. We tried to do more than one batch together and that didn’t work.
4. Peach Jam
Half of it set and half didn’t. This time I think it was the pectin we used. It’s hard to say.
5. Peach Jelly
This didn’t set. Though I used the unset jelly to make a barbecue sauce for pork ribs last night and they were AWESOME.
6. Applesauce
Made from Gravenstein apples. These apples tend to be juicier and make the applesauce a tad runny.
7. Apple jam
We made this from the peels and such left over from the applesauce apples. It set beautifully.
8. Spaghetti Sauce
The plan is to buy Pepperwood Tomatoes (the sweetest on the planet) and make sauce this year.
9. Salsa
I loved having our own salsa. We make it from all fresh ingredients we buy from a local produce stand.
10. Pickles
I’m hoping to make my first attempt at dill pickles made from pickling cucumbers. I’ve always been afraid to try, but this year, I’m going to.
11. Dill Relish
I go through a lot of this every year and I’d like to try my own.
12. Peppers
The Redneck wants to can yellow hot peppers this year.
13. Tuna
We have a local fisherman who will sell us fresh tuna and we can it up. It’s the best tuna EVER. Most of the Tuna is from the Oregon coast, but some is off the coast of Crescent City, California.
We’re doing a ton this year.

I love this time of year. Canning is fun when the Redneck and I do it together.



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47 responses to “Thirteen Things I’ve Canned (or will be canning) this year

  1. Wow! You’re busy! I’ve never canned before, but several of my family members do it. I LOVE canned peaches and apple jam. YUM! Wish we lived closer. LOL Happy Thursday! *Hugs*

  2. My aunt made blackberry jelly when I was a kid. I loved the ones that didn’t set even more than the regular kind. Syrupy goodness!
    Looks like you’ll be having lots of fun canning. I’ve done a few batches of things here and there, but I never had success with pickles.
    Have fun!

  3. My peach jelly also did not set this year. It’s a delicious sauce, so I’ll have to find a creative use for it. I love your idea of making BBQ sauce with it.

  4. Oh, I used to make strawberry jam. Yum! Our neighbors have a garden and they’re sharing their herbs (I wub my neighbors) which we dehydrate. We have fresh parsley, basil and celery. Yay! They are canning everything as well which will last them through next summer.

  5. I love love LOVE home-canned pickles! And I have to say, you’re list is definitely making me hungry!

  6. verybadcat

    Yum! I’m putting berry bushes in this fall, so next year, maybe I’ll need your jam recipes! 🙂

    • Jen

      I don’t do anything complicated. Our favorite Pectin of choice is SureGell which has recipes right in the box. Following directions EXACTLY is key.

  7. cmtorrens

    Yummy! I’ve always wanted to try canning but never gotten around to giving it a try. I do make a mean applebutter, it would make a great gift for the holidays I think.

    Happy TT!

  8. this post reminds me of being a kid and spending summers at my aunt ferns… we canned the whole season…
    i wish i had taken notes…

  9. You’re going to be busy! LOL! Stuff is definitely more fun when you do it together!


    My TT is at

  10. Kym

    I’m so impressed. My mom cans and I always feel I should but every year I find reasons not to.

  11. Sophia Parkwood

    Yummy! The jams sound delish. I’m very impressed, that is a lot of work. Enjoy the fruits of your labor! Happy Thursday.

  12. I’ve never canned anything in my life… But my mother did when I was a kid. I remember doing all kinds of jam. This year, she made a huge batch of cherry jam and it didn’t set at all so now we’re thinking up ways to use cherry sauce.

  13. Yes: yummy! This list is making me drool!

    My wife usually makes lots of this kind of thing, but she’s been too poorly this year so our larder is bare of the normal delights. Looking forward to next year when things will be back to normal.

  14. You are far more ambitious than I am. I’ve only made strawberry jam once, and that was eons ago.

  15. No canned tomatoes on the list? Never know when you might need them.

    Also, pickled zucchini is rather good, as are pickled green beans. We have grapes but I don’t think pickled grapes sound real good. Oh, but watermelon rind I hear some do pickle.

    Sounds iffy to me.

    • Jen

      The Redneck talks about something called “Dilly Beans” which looks like fun. But we had to consider how much time we were going to have.
      We canned tomatoes last year and they went FAST.

  16. Erm…do you need my address again? I will gladly take any leftovers 😉

  17. How fun that you and the Redneck do it together! And I mean can, you dirty minded.. oh that was me. : )

    I wanted to make pickles last year but my cucumbers overwhelmed me and I didn’t find the time. Let me know how it goes. Maybe next year I’ll plant my own dill and cucumbers. YUM! I cheated and froze several bags of peaches… I just didn’t have the time this year to can too much.

  18. the last time we tried to can tomato sauce, it didn’t seal correctly. we ended up decanting it all and freezing it instead. it was still yummy.

    I’m thinking of buying a new pressure canner and trying for applesauce and applebutter this year. we’ll see.

    • Jen

      We use our pressure canner for Tuna and tomatoes. But for applesauce we just water bathed it.
      That seal is so important, isn’t it? The best sound in the world is that “plink” that says I got it right.

  19. GFY, I don’t have the canning gene.

    My mom use to can a great deal. One year my dad had the opotunity to catch salmon with his brother who had a ocean fishing boat, and he took home a whole ice chest full of salmon. My mom ended up canning most of it, and make salmon patties when ever she cooked them for dinner.

    Yummy, I still remember how good it tasted.

    Happy TT.

    • Jen

      I didn’t think I got the canning gene either. The Redneck was a big influence on getting me started. Once I did, I loved it.
      And salmon patties are YUMMY.

  20. An engineer on one of our pollock boats is always raving about the fresh tuna he gets from off the Oregon coast, I guess he’s right! That all sounds awesome but no berry wine?? 🙂

    • Jen

      LMAO! Tuna off the Oregon coast is so tender and so easy to deal with. I love it.
      And I think the Redneck would veto any alcohol creation. LOL.

  21. Attila the Mom

    Dang, I’m jellus. I’ve always wanted to learn how to can stuff, but I’m afeared of killing off my family with botulism.

    Not that the idea isn’t tempting sometimes. LOL

  22. That’s a whole lot of canning going on! I want to try tomato preserves.

  23. jennifer mathis

    i just trying to can for the first time this year and if anyone has any helpful hints i would love 2 hear them

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