Things Are Looking Up Just Sayin’

To The Redneck
There is nothing better than spending all weekend making applesauce and canning it (and apple jam) and then, instead of sending you off at 2am for a week away, sending you off at 4:30am knowing you’ll be home tonight. What a gift! It’s only for three days, but it’s such a good feeling!!!! Have I mentioned it’s nice being married to you?
Just sayin’
To The Dirt Faced Okie Kids
Yes, I love you. But I’m also having a small, private party at 7:42am this morning when that bus whisks you away to your first day of school. After a long summer, I think you’ll be happy too. New clothes, new shoes, new pencils, all that fun stuff that makes school bearable for a little while.
Just Sayin’
To San Francisco
Proposed Gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom is giving us a taste of his legislation brilliance with THIS lovely piece of information. Now, here’s the thing. You’ve already started a campaign to tax “sugary drinks” and use the money to “educate” us all on healthy eating. Plus, you’ve started a campaign that’s moved statewide. Here’s my issue with you. I disagreed with the idea of forcing restaurants and bars to be non-smoking. In a country based on capitalism, I have always said that if there was such an outcry for non-smoking establishments (like bars and such with no smoking) then a good entrepreneur would start one and people would flock to them. But the truth is that no such demand was in place and people wanted bars filled with smoke. But there are some that decided to take the choice away and make it illegal complete with heavy handed fines and so on. Now, you’re going to do the same with junk food. Because the poor hapless folks in California can’t make good decisions about their health. Here’s a wake up call. People who have sex without a condom? They’re risking their health. Will you start “enforcing” condom “laws”? People who jog in parks early in the morning, alone, are risking being mugged or raped. Will you start outlawing that? How about outlawing cell phones since we’re all too stupid not to drive and chat at the same time? Oh wait! You already have the “hands free or else” law. The fact is that you’ve taken the lead in many of these legislative and enforcement nightmares. Though your ideas are wonderful, instead of allowing Californians to embrace a healthier lifestyle, you’ve crammed it down our throats. Each city has every right to decide what it wants for itself, but when you’re condensed population begins to hit the rest of us over the head? I’m seriously considering moving to Alaska.
You’re a beautiful city. You might remember that all those “fast food” restaurants you’re so condescending about do a brisk business when the tourists come to town. That’s tax money for you. You also might remember that we are all capable of making choices. Though I agree that some of the choices presented to our children are not good, I do NOT agree that any government (or city or small group of individual) has the right to tell ME what I should eat or not eat. You’ve won the smoking war and now you’re going after the rest of us. Obesity may be an issue, but it isn’t just McDonalds that created the problem. It’s the commuting, the frenetic lifestyle, the enforced “busyness” that causes this kind of crap. It’s the dangerous streets so our children can’t run, play and ride bikes like they used to. It’s the failure of schools to teach our children basic skills so they have to cut P.E. and music to make up for their lack. It’s the way we overload our children with homework. It’s the way we ENCOURAGE them to access the computer which increases their sedentary lifestyle. Don’t blame junk food. Take a look at the big picture. It’s easy to throw money at a problem. But it doesn’t sound to me like you really want to FIX the problem. It sounds like you just want more money and you want “those fat people” to pay for it.
Just Sayin’
To Julia
Beautiful Poem. What a privilege to have one written about “The Mask She Wears”.
Just Sayin’
To Princess Sera
“MARKED FOR DESIRE” is NOT a paranormal. Why do you keep throwing weird shit at me? I have to say, I haven’t had a character annoy me this badly since Donny.
Just Sayin’
To Clendenen’s
Best. Gravensteins. Ever. That box of apples was beautiful. And they tasted awesome. I can’t wait for the cider to come out. Neither can the dirt faced okie boys. They’re also looking forward to the Apple Festival.
Just Sayin’

To Sandi
Are you sure you want to take me out drinking at Hops In Humboldt???? I’m not sure you’re ready for me. LOL.
Just Sayin’



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9 responses to “Things Are Looking Up Just Sayin’

  1. *blowing kiss*

    I’m glad you liked the poem version of Justin’s scene. I’ve been doing an entire year of found poetry over at my place, and last night when my hurricane-migraine-befuddled brain was trying to think of a subject for the Poetry Train, your story popped into my head.

    Really impressed by The Mask She Wears, by the way. It’s hard to believe it’s a 50-pg story. It feels larger than that. Really compact writing and fully-developed, complex characters in a short format.

  2. Nice to see you blogging again. Great post.

    I’m not cool with any of these candidates we get to choose from to ruin –I mean, run– the state next year. I don’t like the idea of taxing soft drinks, but you know something’s seriously wrong when a bottle of water costs more than a can of twelve teaspoons of sugar (soda) in a vending machine.
    I wish the government would subsidize farmers to grow more fruits and vegetables rather than high fructose corn syrup. Just sayin’.

  3. Jen

    No, RJ I think you’re right. Water should cost LESS than soda definitely. And subsidizing the RIGHT stuff? Fantastic idea. But the politicians won’t do it because it won’t make them money.

  4. BRING IT ON! I’m totally ready!!!!

  5. Hops in Humbolt? Sounds like my kind of place. (My dad graduated from Humbolt State, by the way.)

  6. Jen, your points about the sugary drinks is so true. How can the government decide what I can and can’t eat. But it’s so not about the food where our kids are concerned. Amen to all the reasons you mentioned! And the Hops in Hombolt this weekend … sounds like a TON of fun!

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