….look what was in my inbox last night. My cover for “MARKED FOR PLEASURE”.
Awesome job by Christine Griffin!
Here’s the blurb.

MARKED FOR PLEASURE by Jennifer Leeland
She’s followed him through the remote corners of space.
One of the few survivors of a sickness that claimed her colony, Rhea Tucker blames one man for the death of her family. For two years, she has stalked Conner Mitchum, learning everything she can looking for an opportunity to kill him. To trap him, she becomes a sexual submissive, changes her identity and gets a luxurious suite on The Star of Pleasure.
He is searching for the most elusive murderers in the galaxy
Undercover and searching for a group of killers, Conner is close to his end goal. But a female submissive catches him off guard and he’s forced to save her life as assassins attack him. They plunge into space with enemies at their heels. To protect Rhea, Conner completes his planet’s mating ritual which marks them both and creates a bond he never intended to survive long enough to enjoy.
Coming November 3rd From Loose-Id LLC.



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9 responses to “Speaking of “MARKED FOR PLEASURE”…

  1. That’s beautiful, Jennifer.

  2. Very nice cover, Jen!

    I’ve got a found poem I crafted from a scene out of The Mask She Wears for the Poetry Train.

    …woo woo…. chugga chugga…

  3. OMG. Gorgeous! I wanna be at the big pub now. (Actually, they got a sub from me today. LOL)

    I can’t wait to read this one, Jen!

  4. Jana J. Hanson

    I LOVE it (and the story too)!!!

  5. Oh Jen, it’s gorgeous! Can’t wait to read it!

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