End of Summer Just Sayin’

It’s been a while since I’ve regaled you with my scintillating witty “Just Sayin'” LOL.
Here we go.
To Myself Next Year
One batch at a time. Every time you’ve tried more than one batch when canning jam or jelly, it hasn’t set to your satisfaction. Yet, every year, you try at least once to “save time” and combine batches. Don’t be an idiot. And don’t listen to The Redneck. He forgets every year too.
Just sayin’
To the Dirt Faced Okie Kids
You have spent two full months fighting, arguing, wrestling, breaking shit and driving me up a wall. One more week and it’s back to the grindstone for you. Normally, I’d feel kind of sorry for you. After the last couple of months? I’m anticipating it with unrestrained glee. Call me mean and horrible, but I’m going to have a party when I load you up on the bus next Monday. Yes, that’s what you’ve reduced me to.
Just Sayin’
To Rachel Meadows of MSNBC
Let me see if I can explain this to you. No, it’s not a right wing conspiracy. No, we’re not all in the pay of Dick Army. It’s just that some of us really don’t want the government to be in charge of our health care. I’ll try and show you why.
FEMA/Hurricane Katrina.
Social Security.
And finally, Unemployment.
All of these are government run programs that I, the taxpayer, have paid money into. All of these programs have been poorly executed (Katrina), poorly managed (Medicare) poorly funded (Social Security) and used as some extra funding and given out reluctantly (Unemployment).
We paid for these. They belong to us, not you. Yet, when times are tough, you tell us there’s no money for them. So when the government says they want to run my health care, I am one of those who is not in favor of it. I’m not secretly connected to a conspiracy to bring down the presidency. I’m a United States citizen who has watched trillions of dollars disappear. I’m a Californian who has been denied my unemployment because I didn’t put the date in the correct order. I’m a Californian who watches my state government fund owl hooting (government paid specialists who must check for endangered owls by hooting as part of some logging contracts.) but unable to pay its Cal Trans workers a full forty hour week. So, no Ms. Meadows. I do NOT want to see government run, government funded healthcare. And no, Ms. Meadows, Dick Army didn’t pay to make me say it. I don’t like Dick Army. It scares me that he and I agree on anything.
Just Sayin’
President Obama
I’ve been avoiding the whole healthcare debate because I’d made up my mind about your healthcare plan when you campaigned. Since you won the election, I knew this fight wasn’t mine. But I thought I’d let you know why I think you’re running into trouble. One, the American people like straight answers. From what little I’ve seen, they’re not getting it. Two, protests are normal and your people’s reaction to them have been silly. Three, perhaps “stacking the deck” in your townhall meetings don’t work. From what I understand, (and I couldn’t actual facts on this) you’ve been having supporters from ACORN and unions to fill up the seats. Now, I’m not sure if this happened or not. But times are tense. People are struggling. I can tell you right now, the Republicans couldn’t organize a family picnic at this point, so I think you’re running into some actual PEOPLE who are pissed off. Having sat in “packed” meetings and been shouted down by the Liberal opposition, the idea that protesters are “cutting off conversation” is disingenuous. The protesters are PART of the conversations. You say you want the hard questions. Well, putting up with loud and angry protesters is part of that. If you want sympathy, call former President Bush. He had that shit happen all the time. No one call THAT a conspiracy. Frankly, Mr. President, your supporters have fallen into the same trap that Bush’s supporters fell into by calling protesters “unamerican” and other uncomplimentary names. I would suggest that you calm the fears. We need leadership. ALL of us. Not just those who agree with you.
Just Sayin’
To my characters
You’re driving me nuts. Princess Sera–“You Want A Piece Of Me”? By Britney Spears? REALLY?? Get that damn song out of my head. And Leo, would you lighten up already. You guys are making me crazy. There’s only ONE MORE WEEK and then I’ll be back to work full time. Stop putting horrible songs in my head.
Just Sayin



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7 responses to “End of Summer Just Sayin’

  1. Yeah, I had a character who wanted Britney’s Jeannie in a Bottle song. DID NOT HAPPEN! I feel your pain 🙂

  2. ‘I think you’re running into some actual PEOPLE who are pissed off.’ – LOL! …could happen…

    And the song-in-your-head torment. My characters put songs in my head constantly, but luckily I’ve liked them all so far. My characters are very OCD about hearing them when I’m at the computer, however. At least, I’ll say it’s my characters and not me.

  3. verybadcat

    Re: Government Health Care

    Yes. Exactly. That. What you said.

  4. Jen, I just love your Mondays. Just sayin…

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