Things I should know…and don’t.

I was clicking around the web and found THIS POST about Science Fiction Romance. Now, right on the heels of Dear Author’s DEFINITION OF EROTIC ROMANCE, I’ve come to believe two things.
1. Both genres are difficult to define.
2. I’m destined to be somebody’s red headed step child. LOL.
I love Science Fiction. Frank Herbert’s “Dune” series is a yearly reread. Saberhagen’s “Beserkers” are classics for me. I love space movies especially when they’re action adventures. Unlike many, I loved “Ultraviolet” and “Aeon Flux”. And the big names draw me to the theaters everytime–Star Trek, Star Wars, you name it, I’m there.
So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that my favorite genre to write (and read) is Science Fiction Romance. Add my penchant for wanting to write a little chocolate in my vanilla and you’ve got Erotic Science Fiction Romance.
Welcome to the rebellion. LOL.
So, I wonder. What IS Erotic Romance? Does Science Fiction have to have all that techno gadgety stuff? My Command series is NOT very technologically laden. There are terms I use–Virtual Fantasy Room, All Terrain Hover Vehicles, Plaz,–all things that bring something to mind relating to the known. But there’s no explanation of how a VFR works. I love spaceships and fire fights. I love laser guns and made up stuff.
And with the Erotic aspect? Is it just the terms I use? I think the problem with each definition is that “Science” and “Erotic” mean different things to different people. To me, it can still be science fiction even if there’s not a lot of techno speak in the story. And a story can be erotic without whips and chains. Now, I prefer to write on the deviant side, so that’s why mine get classified as “Erotic”, but I don’t believe human beings will ever tolerate a completely permissive society.
In fact, I believe the future holds new definitions, new boundaries, for the sexual freedom we have. No society would survive since human beings are, by nature, jealous and contentious. We want to have the multiple partners and sexual promiscuity, but our brains (and our babies) demand a bond, something that ties us. That’s why sex is so good.
So, the idea of writing a story set in the future without sex? Inconcievable. (Can you just hear the guy from Princess Bride? yeah, I’m probably wrong too.) I write Erotic Science Fiction Romance. It means I like flying through space, colonizing new planets, and exotic weapons. It means I’ll have a Happily Ever After….but it might be a threesome….or with someone with four arms.
What do you think?



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12 responses to “Things I should know…and don’t.

  1. I love sci-fi, but I don’t think I would attempt writing it. There’s so much to remember while creating those new worlds, and you have to write a Bible first to keep track of every new thing you’ve created. A lot of extra work goes into writing sci-fi, and I admire writers who take on that genre.

  2. Jen

    That is true, Lucinda. I find I have to pay attention to the world I’m given to write.
    I didn’t write a bible though. LOL. I kind of wing it.

  3. That post makes me want to retire to my Virtual Fantasy Room, settle in with a frosty mug of Plaz and “engage the warp drive,” if you know what I mean.

  4. Great post!

    I agree, both genres are difficult to define. Thank goodness authors ignore that and keep writing them! That’s also why epublishing is so crucial to keeping these stories viable. Labels will come and go but the stories will just keep on evolving.

  5. I’m a proud Erotic Science Fiction Romance author, too!
    Thing about the erotic part of that label, SF had those elements before Romance. SF has long questioned the role of sexuality & relationships. So, what better way to make it better than amp up the hotness, involve the main character’s emotions, and guarantee a happy ending?
    Keep writing the eSFR & I’ll keep reading them!

  6. jodi

    it’s because you’re not writing hard sci-fi Jen, but what’s known as “soft” sci-fi. The Beserker series is hard scifi, and Dune is soft (love those Bene Gesserit. I tell people I’m Bene Gesserit all the time and they just look at me funny). If you spend a lot of time explaining or detailing, it’s usually hard. If you’re people focused, it’s soft. I love soft sci-fi. Bujold’s Vorkosigan series is soft.

    And I just bought most of it for my ereader, thanks to you. 🙂

  7. This is a great article! You are exactly correct about the classics. I’m hoping to see District 9 this week. Been waiting with impatience.

    Check out my first and recently released novel, Long Journey to Rneadal. This exciting story is a romantic action adventure in space.

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