The Cub Scouts Family Camp Weekend.

I’m back. We came back a little early since the Redneck needs his rest before facing another week out of town. It was a lot of fun though and I’m so glad we went.
Still, if you’ve been around my blog, you know that there are some involved with Demolition Boy’s den that strain my nerves. One thing I had to realize. Regardless of the sniping, the oblique hits and the uptight attitude, the Cub Scout Bitches do mean well. It can’t be easy to hang out with a disorganized slob like me when you’re an “everything in its place” kind of girl. Without her mother, CSB #2 was actually making an effort. I give her credit. I imagine her tongue was bleeding as much as mine was this weekend, but I’ve got twelve years on her. I’m better at it. LOL.
I also thought maybe the nasty little comments were her idea of humor. The thought occurred to me when we were all sitting around laughing and talking. Her next comment was a swipe at me and my kid. I’m thinking that maybe this is some kind of “mean girl” humor that I don’t get. She was trying to be funny. What was even more fascinating was watching her irritate every other member of the camp. It wasn’t just me. After twenty-four hours, I just couldn’t keep up the whole “not saying anything” facade. The Redneck and I had planned to leave late Saturday night and we did just that getting home at around 11pm.
It was a good weekend. I realized that CSB#1 truly means well. I think she wants hers son to have the advantages, the knowledge, the respect that Cub Scouts offers, just as I do. So, whatever happens (and I’m sure she’ll piss me off in the future) I can hang onto the fact that she’s got one thing in common with me. She cares. It may be ALL we have in common, but it’s a start.
Most of the other parents there were a blast and we had a great time getting to know them, hanging with them and staying up late with them. We laughed a lot and it was fun.
The best part of the weekend was the Saturday night campfire. Most people don’t know that the only organizations that can retire an American flag is the Girl Scouts, the Boy Scouts and the Marine Corps. Our Fearless Leader had the Weebelo boys retire the Pack #47 flag last night in a ceremony that made me choke up.
I’d always known that a flag had to be shown respect when it was retired. I knew it had to be burned with ceremony. I’d never seen the ceremony before. First of all, each stripe is cut one by one. They are each given significance–courage, the preamble to the constitution, the opening to the Gettysburg Address–and so on. Every strip of cloth is carefully laid in the fire to burn as a unique and special part of our history is revealed. Finally, the field of stars is all that’s left.
Never to be split, divided, or cut, the field of stars represents the fifty states united. It’s burned whole, intact, representing the fragile glue that holds us all together.
It was moving.
It was a little different than THIS but similar. Then we sang “The Star Spangled Banner”. You’d be amazed at how quiet and respectful a group of seven and eight year olds could be. I was. They were dead silent through the whole thing. Something in the way it was done, the way the words rolled over us, demanded the silence.
It seemed right to retire the Pack #47 flag out at Camp Riggs with the towering Redwoods on either side and the glowing eyes of two foxes keeping watch as they crossed the huge grassy field near the campfire. It was special and unique. I hope the dirt-faced okie boys remember it.



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6 responses to “The Cub Scouts Family Camp Weekend.

  1. Quite a bit of helpful introspection on your part. It’s not easy to see the good parts of people who annoy the crap out of us. I usually just slash their tires and let it go at that.

    • Jen

      LOL!!! Gramps you’re funny.
      Most people I’ve found aren’t “evil”. Sometimes they’re shitty, but they usually have a good reason for being that way. *shrugs* I’m probably still going to call her and her mother The Cub Scout Bitches. LOL!

  2. Wow. Have I told you lately what a great way with words you have? How could the boys NOT forget something like that?

  3. The flag ceremony sounds awesome, Jen.

  4. That flag retiring ceremony sounds amazing. I didn’t know so much went into. I teared up just reading your description. I can’t imagine how I would have been if I’d been there.

    And glad to hear about the other moms. Hopefully it will make the coming year so much more enjoyable for you and the boys.

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