A Contest Just Sayin’ Ebooks “Another Time Another Place” by T. Sue Versteeg and Melissa Blue’s “How Much You Want To Bet?”

One of the great things about being an author is meeting other authors. I met Toni Sue on Romance Divas and she is awesome. This is one of my favorite books and one of the first ones I bought when I joined RD.
Melissa I met at RD, but I also met her in San Francisco at the RWA conference. Both she and Toni Sue are my phone buddies and we talk a lot. I lurrve them.
But all that aside, these are two of my favorite ebooks by them. I’m giving away a copy of each until Tuesday August 4th at Midnight Pacific Standard Time.


Tessa Garrett has had less than an interesting life. Forgotten and abandoned as a child, her life consisted of foster homes and self-reliance. Her only escape from reality was her dreams; dreams of a castle she thought only existed in her mind until she woke up within its walls in the thirteenth century.

Eric Bartholomew Hadley had found no time for love, unless it became necessary to lure the opposite sex into his bedchamber. As future lord of his castle, Eric will honor his father’s last request and marry a shrew. Knowing the loveless union will provide his castle with a lady and hopefully an heir, he reluctantly agrees to the upcoming nuptials until he discovers Tessa in his courtyard.

Can true love overcome all odds and bridge the gap of eight centuries?

Comment and win



Neil never thought a game of pool could change the course of her life. When she plays against Gibland Winifred the Third, Neil knows she’s liable to lose the game and her heart.


Also a commenter will win any Jennifer McKenzie title.



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20 responses to “A Contest Just Sayin’ Ebooks “Another Time Another Place” by T. Sue Versteeg and Melissa Blue’s “How Much You Want To Bet?”

  1. Toni Sue and Melissa are two of my favorite people from RD, also. I’m so happy to be a part of that forum.

  2. This was a nice surprise today!! Thanks Sweets!!

  3. Cherie J

    These both sound like wonderful books, especially Another Time Another Place.

  4. Both book sound great. Love T. Sue Versteeg and of course, I would love one of your books *cough*newstorm*! πŸ˜€

    • Jen

      The new Storm series book comes out at the end of this week and I’ll be having a special contest for that.
      Hang in there. You might win it.

  5. I’ve made some wonderful friends online, and I think Divas are the best. They sound like great books. πŸ™‚

  6. Shawna

    Divas are the best! These books sound wonderful!

    I’m not greedy. Two books, while never enough, is fair. : ) I just wanted to say hi.

  7. Hi πŸ™‚
    Thanks for bringing those books to my attention.
    I hadn’t heard of either before and both sound very intriguing.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Love and best wishes,

    • Jen

      I really hope you like them. New authors are my favorites and not just because I am one. It’s because sometimes there’s a spark, a fire, that is missing in more experienced (and technically “better”) writers.

  8. I’m intrigued by “Another Time Another Place” … don’t pick me as a winner, I’d rather buy the book and support your work…

  9. The baby dunked my remote in the dog’s water (in retalliation for my packing her toys, no doubt) so we won’t be watching Catch together on Twitter. Quite depressing!

  10. How could I miss the blogorama of a fellow diva/writer/OUACer? πŸ˜‰

    Both of these books sound awesome, and divas definitely are the best writers. I’m not biased at all. πŸ˜€

    • Jen

      No bias there. LOL. I’m so excited we’re running another contest at OUAC!!! YAY!!
      So many chances to win free ebooks.

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