DAY THREE/”Claiming The Moon” by Loribelle Hunt up for Grabs

Hope you guys are having fun! My next victim–er, favorite author, Loribelle Hunt has a Southern drawl and can kill you with one finger. Okay, I might be exaggerating. She’s one of those people who has saved my ass on more than one occasion. I call her ALMOST as often as I call Dayna. LOL. (And she still puts up with me. Yeah, it’s a mystery to me too).
She is famous for her Shifter series that has made her a pioneer in epublishing. Here werewolves are some of the best. “Claiming the Moon” is book 7 in the Lunar Mates series and if you haven’t tried it, you ought to give them a try.

Hunter archivist, Ellen Monroe, is being stalked. Unable to determine who the threat is, her boss insists she move into Hunter headquarters until things are straightened out. Then he calls the last person—and the only person—Ellen wants to see.

Clint Osborn has his own reasons, dark and private, for not claiming Ellen, but when her life is endangered he can’t trust anyone else to her safety. Unfortunately, she’s not really safe from him either. Can he eliminate the threat against her before he’s forced to walk away from temptation? Or is it already too late for them both?

Comment and win!!! (Winner chosentonight at Midnight August 3rd Pacific Standard Time)


Another commenter will win a copy of anything in my backlist. Just click on my bookshelf and then let me know which one you’d like.



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14 responses to “DAY THREE/”Claiming The Moon” by Loribelle Hunt up for Grabs

  1. Jen

    Loribelle is awesome! Her wolves are the best and I don’t read wolves.

  2. Hi 🙂
    Thanks for sharing. I hadn’t heard of Loribelle Hunt before and appreciate you bringing her to my attention. The book sounds intriguing. I’m going to have to get book one now. *grin*.
    All the best,

  3. This series just went on my TBR list – thanks!

  4. Sex fairies and werewolves?! What the heck are you doing to my reading habits??!!! I love it :).

  5. I love werewolf stories and this one sounds like a really good read.

  6. Sounds like an interesting read, new author added to my TBB list.

  7. Shawna

    Ohhh, that sounds good. Count me in.

    And yes, I am having fun. I love contests. : )

  8. I’d love to check this out.

  9. jodi

    I just dropped by to comment, lol.

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