You all know how much I love Dayna Hart even when she’s moonlighting at Rowan Larke. (But especially when she’s a Twitter Whore. then I LURRRVE her longtime). Wait until you see her release coming soon from LooseId publishing. WHEW! Brilliant.
But until that book is out and we can all snap it up, I have one of my favorite titles by her.
between GA
A cult of sex faeries start taking men hostage…including Claire’s boyfriend.

Book Two of the Curtain Torn Series

When Myrna Terrence’s husband is abducted from her dream by fairies, she asks Claire for help. Claire investigates and discovers other married men of Four Corners have been kidnapped. Men who share enough similarities to suggest the kidnappings may be related.

She learns the abductions are the work of The Aeval, a cult of sex faeries whose mission is to ensure women are pleasured by their husbands. Dell decides he and Claire should go under cover—under the covers. By pretending to be a married couple who are having trouble in bed, they hope to lure The Aeval to them.

The plan works almost too well. They don’t have to fake the chemistry between them, nor the resulting frustration when they stop themselves from going too far. The Aeval take the bait, and Claire must confront a goddess, the truth, and her fears about Dell in an effort to save his life.

But if she succeeds, those same truths may be what sends him out of her life forever.

Warning: this title contains the following: hot nekkid men with wings, regular nudity, and prolonged sexual tension followed—finally—by explicit sex. And the faeries who punish husbands for not “pleasing” their wives are entirely fictional (sorry!).

Comment now and win!!!! (Winner chosen at Midnight Pacific Standard Time tonight August 2nd)


Another commenter will win a copy of “LEGEND HUNTER” by Jennifer McKenzie.



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  1. Crystal W.

    Hi I’m obsidianmorte on Twitter. This book sounds awesome!!

  2. Jen

    Hey Crystal! Thanks for coming by! Dayna’s “Between” series is FANTASTIC! She’s an absolutely amazing writer.

  3. Oh, Dayna’s book has been on my tbr pile since I heard of it.

    *Crossing fingers*

    And Legend Hunter…. *happy sigh*

  4. Wow! I need one of those fairies to have a talk with hubs ;-).

  5. This books sounds like fun!!!

    Congrats on the release.

  6. jodi

    *laughing* sure, throw me in your random number generator. I’d love to read a Dayna book.

  7. Shawna

    You know I love ya, Jen. ; )

    I really want to read both books.

  8. yvonnelefoy

    I would lurv to read both of these works!

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