Today is the first day of my week long blogorama. Every day, I’ll be giving away one book from my backlist and one from a favorite author. (The winner will be chosen by Midnight Pacific Standard tonight August 1st)
Crystal Jordan is one of the best writers I know. She’s brilliant and has been one of the few people to kick my ass to the next level when I needed it. Today I’m giving away her latest release “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”
Love can drive you over the edge. It can also let you fly.

An In The Heat of the Night story.

Pixie Parthon worked hard to make her music production company a success. Anyone who gets in her way gets the business end of her Fae magic. Her savvy business sense kept her family afloat for years, but now that her musician brother is mated and off on a world tour she’s feeling left in the dust.

Maybe it was a faint wish for a little love magic for herself, but she didn’t expect one night of cutting loose to leave her marked for life. A little love bite is one thing. Give up her hard-won independence to a pushy alpha werewolf? She’ll pass.

Malcon is just as shocked as Pixie, but for a different reason. From the moment he saw her, his desire went far beyond getting into her pants. When she agreed—begged—to be bitten, he believed she also sensed their destiny to be mates.

Now it’s too late. Nothing will convince Pixie that he has no intention of clipping her wings—not even a month’s worth of orgasms on call. Crazy as it sounds, love is all he wants from her. Even if it means letting her go…

Warning: Dirty wolf on fairy love, semi-orgasmic dance scenes, fully orgasmic biting of mates, Alpha males and women who are willing to smack them with fairy dust when they get out of line. Oh, and some hot anal sex. You’re welcome!
Comment now for a chance to win!!!!


And another commenter will win a pdf copy of my newest release “THE TRUST SHE YIELDS” out today from The Wilder Rose Press.

TheTrustSheYields_w3637_300 (4)

Lee Sidle moved to another state for a good reason. To escape a BDSM relationship gone horribly wrong. But she’s a submissive down to her bones, and when a sexy Dom offers her thirty days, her fear wars with her needs. She might accept, but she’ll never surrender.

David Peters is used to healing the broken, and Lee needs his confident touch. He doesn’t expect to learn any lessons himself, yet this submissive tests him in ways he never anticipated. When her past comes back to haunt her, his one desire is to ride to the rescue. Instead, David and Lee discover her survival lies in the trust she yields.




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  1. Both of those descriptions were better than my morning coffee!!! Hot Hot Hot, Please enter me in your contest.

    Thanks- Miranda
    mdwartistry at yahoo dot com

  2. Jen

    Your wish is my command Miranda!

  3. verybadcat

    Yummy. 😉

  4. Congratulations on your new release. I hope it’s huge success. The cover is very provocative.

  5. Wow! That cover is hot! Congratulations, Jen.

    And Crystal’s book looks awesome too.

    Please enter me in your contest.

  6. I want your book Jen. Love BDSM stories.

  7. Paula

    Congrats on your new releases!

  8. What a good idea 🙂 Congrats on the releases…we really need to invent a new word so congratulations isn’t so repetitious!

  9. I hope this doesn’t come off too mushy, but I’m so proud of you! You’ve been writing your fingers off and look at all your new releases lately! My checkbook can barely keep up 🙂 Hugs and smooches!

  10. for real??… im supposed to keep working now??
    :-0 …hot stuff…

  11. Ashlyn Harper

    Congratulations! Both books look amazing. Please enter me in the contest.

    ~Ashlyn Harper

  12. JOYE

    this would definitely go on top of my stack of books to read. wow

  13. jodi

    uhm, love your stuff–but this is a leetle too hot for me (I’m such a wuss) but your cover is great!

  14. Oh my. You steamed up my glasses!

  15. Oh my … love the cover of your book, Jen! Very hawt! 😉

  16. Jen

    Thanks Stephanie!! I love it!

  17. Alan Morgan

    Not entering, just wanted to say congrats to you both 🙂

  18. yvonnelefoy

    Yay for both of you and your new releases! They both look terrific!

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