Some of you were probably thinking I was NEVER going to get to this. I’ve been promising a contest for a while now and FINALLY I can do it. I’m celebrating my newest releases “Legend Hunter” (out at Liquid Silver Books), “The Trust She Yields” (out July 31st at The Wilder Rose Press) and “Eye of the Storm” (out August at Whiskey Creek Press).
Up for grabs? Fictionwise Gift Certificates ($10 and $20), Barnes and Noble Gift Certificate ($25), my entire backlist, plus ebooks by Crystal Jordan, Rowan McBride, Loribelle Hunt, Dayna Hart and many others that I’ve bought for this contest.
Starting July 31st, I’ll be giving away two ebooks-one by me and one by another author–to random commenters. On the day “Eye of the Storm” is released, anyone who buys it will be eligible for a signed print copy of “Heart of the Storm” and “Edge of the Storm”.
So, stop by here every day starting Friday and you’ll get to end your summer with some awesome books to read.



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4 responses to “Whiskey Wednesday CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT!

  1. verybadcat

    Good news, because I could use some reading material. 😉

  2. Jen

    Awesome VBC!!!! I have some good ones that will be up for grabs.

  3. Anna M

    Wow wonderful Idea. Have a great summer!

  4. Janice Seagraves

    Yeah, and you got great give aways too.


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