Thirteen Reasons To Buy “LEGEND HUNTER”

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Oh come on. You KNOW I had to do it. LOL.
1. It’s about Big Foot
And it’s not a comedy. Or non-fiction. It’s a romantic suspense.
2. It’s set in Humboldt County
One of the most beautiful places on Earth.
3. Kiera McConnel
She’s awesome. There’s not too many women that would hold a gun on a guy and fall in love with him five chapters later.
4. Ben Harmon
And there’s not too many men who would face down a shotgun the way he does.
5. The suspense
I added elements of both murder and the hunt for Big Foot. Let’s just say you THINK it’s going to be about some creepy animal running around in the woods…but it isn’t.
6. The love story
It took a long time to get these two to get together, but when they do….whew!
7. It’s part of the new Sterling Line
Which is Liquid Silver Books response to readers who want romance that isn’t erotic in ebooks. It’s an opportunity to still get hot romance if you aren’t into Erotic romance.
8. Lena and Reb
Ben’s sisters almost didn’t make the editing cut. I love these two women even though they only make a brief appearance.
9. Amanda
This character became so much more in this story. She was originally supposed to be a murder victim. Yeah, she wouldn’t die. I’m kind of glad she didn’t.
10. The Sheriff
He’s got a story too.
11. Dodo
He was another awesome character who I had to restrain myself from giving more page time. I loved him.
12. The hot sex
Yes, it’s there even though this isn’t an erotic title.
13. Because I’ll cry if you don’t?
Will that work? Yes?

Come on. GO CHECK IT OUT!!!

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18 responses to “Thirteen Reasons To Buy “LEGEND HUNTER”

  1. Very nice pimpage. Well done.

  2. Congratulations on your new release! Sounds like a fun read! Love the whole Big Foot angle!


    My TT is at

  3. Well. We wouldn’t want to make a grown Diva cry. 😉

    Here’s to a ton of sales!

  4. Sounds very yummy!
    *looking for my password*

    Happy T13

  5. I love the premise of this story. You forgot to put the link to the book trailer … which is also awesome. Here’s to “Legend Hunter” making the top sales list!

  6. Jen

    Thanks guys! I always try and do my pimpage in a tasteful non whorish manner…and fail. LOL.

  7. Shawna

    You forgot the most important one: Because it’s a damn good book! What? I don’t have to read it first, I’m gifted that way. ; )

    I didn’t think that was a bit whorish, you’ll have to try harder next time. : P

  8. Sounds great, hon! I wish you all the best with it!

    And have I mentioned I love you lately? Cause, you know, you’re my otter and I do.

  9. I remember you mentioning this story. I thought it sounded like a great read then. 🙂

  10. Janice Seagraves

    Congrats on your new book, I hope it selling really well.

    Happy TT.

  11. Couldn’t you have posted this next week… when I’ll have money. *sniffle* 😦

  12. Eyre

    Sounds great! I’ll have to add it to my TBR list.

  13. Nice list. Sounds like a fun story.
    Happy T13 🙂

  14. jodi

    well, the cry thing works on me. I need another book for the trip out.

    I’d been wondering (in a polite way of course) how something with (excuse me) covered up people on the cover could be an erotica. lol.

  15. ‘This post brought to you by with added bits from’ – LOL, Jen!

    ‘Let’s just say you THINK it’s going to be about some creepy animal running around in the woods…but it isn’t.’ – I love that description!

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