Back to the Grindstone Just Sayin’

To Demolition Boy
When mama was up at 1am to send daddy off to work and she’s told you NOT to wake her up ESPECIALLY to play a video game and you DO IT? The chances of having a sweet mama when she gets up is slim and none.
Just sayin’

To Dell Computers
Is this some kind of conspiracy? First I go through three pairs of headphones in three months. Then, my POWER CORD suddenly quits working. I’m beginning to think you’re trying to kill me.
Just Sayin’

To The Dirt Faced Okie Kids
I hate to tell you, but the desktop was MY computer before it became yours and when my laptop’s power cord is frayed and I only have two hours of battery life, the desktop becomes mine again. Whining will only serve to make my ears hurt.
Just Sayin’

To Dear Author (Jane)
I think this post breaks down what the next steps for digital publishing will be. I appreciate how clearly you put things.
Just Sayin’

To Barrack Obama
I looked all morning and I couldn’t find the link (weird) but I KNOW I what I saw. You actually encouraged other states to “Go Green” like California.
Here’s a history lesson I hope you already know.
The “Green” movement in California created a demand for “clean air” which resulted in the addition of an oxygenating compound “MTBE”. This was added to our gasoline (at HUGE cost passed on to us the consumer and the taxpayer) and was required by law. It was ostensibly to have “cleaner burning gasoline”.
But then, it was discovered in the ground water.
In 1995 high levels of MTBE were unexpectedly discovered in the water wells of Santa Monica, California, and the U.S. Geological Survey reported detections.[4] Subsequent U.S. findings indicate tens of thousands of contaminated sites in water wells distributed across the country. As per toxicity alone, MTBE is not classified as a hazard for the environment, but it imparts an unpleasant taste to water already at very low concentrations. The maximum contaminant level of MTBE in drinking water has not yet been established by the EPA. The leakage problem is partially attributed to the lack of effective regulations for underground storage tanks, but spillage from overfilling is also a contributor. As an ingredient in unleaded gasoline, MTBE is the most water soluble component. When dissolved in groundwater, MTBE will lead the contaminant plume with the remaining components such as benzene and toluene following. Thus the discovery of MTBE in public groundwater wells indicates that the contaminant source was a gasoline release. Its criticism and subsequent decreased usage, some claim, is more a product of its easy detectability (taste) in extremely low concentrations (ppb) than its toxicity. The MTBE concentrations used in the EU (usually 1.0–1.6%) and allowed (maximum 5%) in Europe are lower than in California.
Despite the fact that MTBE was NOT necessarily toxic, the “Green Movement” in California demanded (and got) the gasoline refineries to remove all MTBE from California fuel.
So, in a space of twenty years and billions of dollars later, we put IN an additive and then demanded its removal. THAT is California’s green practices.
It’s not based on hard science. It’s based on “trends” and “panic”. Mr. President, to encourage any state to behave as California has with its low credit rating, bankrupt bank account and stubborn governor is folly. When lawmakers in Sacramento are still receiving paychecks but the state government is handing out IOUS to the hard working Americans they own money to? I think the state has lost any credibility as a fiscally or morally responsible government.
California is the quintessential “Not In My Backyard” state preferring to damage the environment of our neighbor Mexico rather than have any kind of energy created in our state. We may be Green, but it’s really just like wearing diamonds. They’re pretty, but someone has to pay for them. And they’re expensive.
Just Sayin’



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7 responses to “Back to the Grindstone Just Sayin’

  1. Kym

    I started reading your California isn’t really green pretty sceptically. I knew we were advanced in a lot of legislation that helps the environment but your last point hit home. Thanks for reminding me we really aren’t green if we’re foisting the mess onto someone else.

    • Jen

      Well, compared to many states, we are MILES ahead. But it all comes at a very high price. Sometimes, mistakes made by the Green movement cost more than money. Sometimes they cost jobs.
      I’m not saying we shouldn’t make an effort to have cleaner air, cleaner water, better fishing practices and responsible logging. But I do say we need to consider the cost of ANY plan.
      Though we may point to California’s advances in environmental responsiblity, we need to consider the flip side–the exorbitant cost.

  2. Mondays suck SO HARD. And, my kids totally don’t get this whole, “We’re out of school for the summer but mom still has to get up and work for a living” thing. UGH. Also, thanks for the back info on Califas. Damn interesting.

  3. That just goes to show that not nearly enough research is being done into the effects of these additives in the long term. Sure the MTBE is said to be non-toxic, but based on what level of research? The same that indicated that it wouldn’t be an environmental problem?

    • Jen

      I completely agree with you Roger. It’s actually a catch 22. Should we wait and “do more studies” before taking action? Or do we jump in and try to fix a problem risking the chance we might make it worse with our solutions?
      Believe me, there are NO simple answers. I just resent the implications by BOTH sides that there are.

  4. I didn’t see the blog at Dear Authors, but it’s a wonderful post. *sigh* It’ll be interesting to see what happens with the whole digital romance industry in the coming years. I for one am holding onto my hat … I expect it to be a bumpy ride.

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