A Sniffley Sneezy Just Sayin

To This Cold
Go away. I don’t have time for you.
Just Sayin’

To Ms. Diana Pershing
When literary agent Diedre Knight posted her call for change, I expected your response to be dismissive, even patronizing. However, I didn’t expect the rather passive aggressive slams at a well respected agent and author in our romance industry. I certainly understand the hesitation to upend the long standing practices in our publishing world. However, none of us have asked you to do that.
The question is, am I published?
Just before the conference in San Francisco last year, I remember being close to tears when I received two letters, stating I didn’t qualify for PRO (since I was published) and I didn’t qualify for PAN (since my book hadn’t made 1K yet). Luckily, the PRO laison took pity on me and gave me a pin based on several agent rejections. But you see my point. The current state of affairs leaves many of your members at a loss and unrecongnized. It leaves them unable to enter the contest for the unpublished author, yet unable to enter the published category either.
Let me make myself clear. I am not leaving. I will continue to work to change, educate and pound on the door of opportunity. I’m used to being a lone voice in the wilderness. I don’t follow the crowd and I don’t write like everyone else. There are many of us unwilling to allow Romance Writers of America to become Romance Print Published Authors of America. I am a PUBLISHED romance writer.
Nora Roberts has stated that RWA tries to be all things to all people. In my opinion, the RWA should be in the role of education, information and networking. This idea that RWA should define what “published” means or who “qualifies” based on a single minded business model is not according to the very precepts by which RWA was founded.
Once, many years ago, romance authors were ridiculed and regulated into the background by those who believed romance was “trash”. Now, the same attitude prevails. Instead of forcing us to find another organization to join, why not become the leader in our genre? You can be a huge force to educate the unpublished, bring sanity and reasonableness to the table in a digital age that can change at the blink of an eye.
Of course, if you can’t see a way to do this, I will continue to work to bring about change. I can’t follow you and I won’t get out of the way. So, I guess I will have to lead.
Just Sayin’

To My Characters
I think it’s safe to come back. The insanity has…lessened a bit.
Just Sayin’

To The Redneck
When your wife has worked all week with a nasty cold and feels crummy, it’s cruel and unusual punishment to drag her out to the river when the temperature never breaks sixty degrees (in other words, it was freezing!). Also? It doesn’t help the cold. Considering I baked your birthday cake and cooked your birthday dinner, you don’t really think you’re going to escape infection do you? I will try very hard not to giggle.
Just sayin’

To Kate Pearce and Shawna Kennedy
I heart you both. You rock. Those crits should knock “HIS REVENGE” into shape.
Just Sayin’



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11 responses to “A Sniffley Sneezy Just Sayin

  1. (((hugs)))

    I’m not sure what’s going on with the whole RWA thing because I can’t afford the dues at this time, but I get the picture now. Keep fighting. One day acceptance will come.

  2. Jen

    I think it will, R.J. Definitely.

  3. Shawna

    Ah thanks Jen. I can honestly say it was my pleasure. : )

    I fell in love with those characters and I hope many, many people read them!

    BTW.. about RWA: YOU rock.

  4. jodi

    so…you gonna run? I’d vote for you, but I don’t think I live in your district.

    I wonder if they’ll allow pictures at the General Meeting. btw…I heard your voice lots of times at the PRO workshop (on the tape)

    • Jen

      LOL! I was being pretty snarky at the Pro Workshop. I know. Shocking, eh?
      And I don’t think I qualify to run for the board….yet. I will as soon as I’ve got my ducks in a row.

  5. I had my own experience with that nasty virus, so I fully understand. Instead of Whiskey Wednesday, you get NyQuil Wednesday. It will pass. (But it really is an SOB.)

  6. ‘Romance Print Published Authors of America’ – LOL!

  7. Glad to help-I enjoy a good crit LOL

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