A Visual Just Sayin


I can’t be bothered with politics and the state of the world today. I’ve been reliving my Zen moments. All I have to say is that Humboldt County ROCKS.


It doesn’t get any better than that. The rest of it? All just noise.
Just Sayin



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12 responses to “A Visual Just Sayin

  1. What a great reminder, Jen. I love the pics, thanks so much for sharing :-).

  2. Shawna

    Jealous. It is beautiful. Thanks for the reminder. : )

    • Jen

      I love it up there, Shawna. I set my erotic short stories in “Perfect” at George’s Folly Camp where most of these were taken. I didn’t do a great job showing how beautiful it is, but I think my love for it shines through.

  3. jodi

    …I dunno, Jen. *squints* It looks a little bright. Probably could use some of this overcast and a few mosquitoes.

    • Jen

      LMAO Jodi! There were ticks, does that count?
      I think the best thing about camping up there is heading back down the mountain into the cool fog of home.

  4. sometimes…i think it would be soooo cool…to trade lives with you for a few days…xoxo

    • Jen

      I think that about you too, SB. You and your mysterious dates and Sex on Wheels. I’ll bet you’ve got some awesome fodder for my books. LOL.

  5. dogearedpreacher

    Looks like heaven. Enjoy.

  6. Gorgeous pics, Jennifer. I love places like that.

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