Thirteen Things That Make Me Happy

Last week you got the stuff that’s been negative. Here’s the stuff that has made me happy in the last couple of weeks.
1. Finishing my novel “His Revenge” an erotic sci fi.
2. Finishing my novella “Star of Pleasure” yesterday.
3. When my kids hug me before they go catch the school bus.
4. The hugs before bed.
5. My morning phone calls with Dayna Hart (Rowan Larke)
6. When a story just flows.
7. Pandora Radio
8. The Deadliest Catch
9. Whiskey and Coke
10. Twitter
11. Getting my books recommended to Angela James (Executive editor at Samhain publishing) to read by others. (Thanks guys).
12. Friday Night when the Redneck gets home.
13. New Music (Like new Dave Matthew’s Band CD out Tuesday or new band discovery Digital Summer)



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16 responses to “Thirteen Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Nice list. Kid hugs are the absolute best… even when they come from a 6’5″ 18 year old. Congrats on finishing those two manuscripts!

  2. dogearedpreacher

    When you write “The Deadliest Catch,” I’m sure you mean something other than the TV show, because, well…meh. Right?

  3. Awesome list. I love when the story flows, too. And the hugs. And the whiskey, though I like mine with sour!

  4. You’ve got plenty to be happy about, especially the finishing part.

  5. Great list, Jen! Definitely alot to be happy about. 🙂 *Hugs*

  6. There’s nothing better than a hug to warm a heart and your day. 🙂

  7. Janice Seagraves

    Nice list. I like hugs, walk in the country, time with hubby and the impromptu breakfast I had with my daughter this morning at McyD’s.

    Happy TT.


  8. What a sweet list. I know I’m looking forward to finishing my current WIP (just a few chapters more…!), as I recall the satisfaction of finishing the last novel I wrote. Aaaahhhh…!

    I like hugs, too. But I don’t get hugs from kids – in my job, I get hugs from banking executives in expensive suits. With nice cologne. And yeah, some of ’em are pretty hot, too… 😉

    A belated “Happy TT!” to you!

  9. holy christ…how do you do it all???
    i always feel inferior when i see your lists!

  10. Can never get too many hugs. Nice to see you’ve wrapped up a couple of MS’s.
    Happy T13!

  11. I love hugs the best! Unfortunately, I usally have to chase the youngest around until I catch him before I get a hug.

    Whiskey & coke? Is that a glass of whiskey with a shot of coke? LOL

  12. Aww…hugs and new music, who could ask for more?

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