A Whiskey Wednesday Just Sayin’

Late, but here. Another edition of “Just sayin” for your enjoyment.

To The Redneck
I knew I did the right thing by marrying you. Despite our experience of #tentfail (in which you called me at 9pm to inform me that the tent you thought was in the box…wasn’t and we had no tent. I went to Target, bought a tent with the dirt faced okie kids in tow. Fun fun fun.) we had a blast.
I had a blast this weekend. The climb to Black Lassic was worth every sore muscle. The time together was awesome.
Just sayin’

To The Cubscout Bitches
Unbelievable. Let me get this straight. You call me before the LAST pack meeting to inform me that you aren’t going to give my SEVEN YEAR OLD his Tiger cub badge with the other kids because he hasn’t met a requirement. Then, the Redneck and I make a special effort to GET him that requirement so he can get his badge at the LAST PACK MEETING TONIGHT and I’m informed you don’t have his badge. WHAT THE FUCK? You mean, you didn’t order it when the other kids were getting it? Oh, and thanks for the call to TELL me to bring “baked goods other than cookies” but neglecting to remind me to bring that poster Demolition Boy did. Once again, the only kids standing with no fucking poster. You know? As much as you don’t like me? I REALLY don’t like you. I’ve tried. I’ve sucked it up for the sake of my son who ROCKS btw to put up with your snooty passive agressive shit. Not any more. Next year? I’m on the fucking warpath. Watch out.
Just Sayin’
DISCLAIMER: The CubScout bitches are not all who are involved in the program here in Humboldt County but only refers to two women who drive me UP A FUCKING WALL! Please don’t think this reflects on anyone else.

To My BIL Kevin
Thanks for the instruction on how to shoot and care for my handgun. I know the Redneck was feeling a bit frustrated since he’s a rifle man. I enjoyed it.
Just sayin’

To The Politicians
I’m letting you off the hook today even though there are many things to rage about–Prop 8, the new Supreme Court nominee, Korea. I’m taking a break. Next week, I’ll sharpen my wit.
Just sayin



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8 responses to “A Whiskey Wednesday Just Sayin’

  1. Welcome back! If you ever need further handgun help, look me up :). Sorry about the biotches.

  2. Jen

    Thanks Sandi! I will hit you up. Primarily, Kevin helped me to aim a little better. I had a tough time getting my bullets onto the target.

  3. verybadcat

    There is a special place in hell for women who use children to hurt other women…..

  4. Jen

    Yes, VBC, there is.

  5. If people know what’s good for them, they’ll give you a wide berth today. I think you’re already on the warpath!

  6. Jen

    LOL Gramps! Who me? I’m a mellow little kitten. Meow!

  7. Shawna

    It’s good to have you back but wow, what an impressive view! Glad you had a good time.

    I’m a bow and arrow kind of girl myself. Love to go shoot paper deer. : ) But know how to handle a gun can’t be bad.

    Sorry about the cub scout women. You want back up, let me know.

  8. Okay, I’m pissed at those women. How dare they? As both a former girl scout and cubscout leader I know there is no excuse for this. It’s all about the kids … not your friggin’ egos ladies. Sheesh, I hate stupid people! Feeling your pain, Mom.

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