A “It’s the Economy, Stupid” Just Sayin’

To Nancy Pelosi
I’ve seen you’re saying she didn’t know about the CIA’s techniques. Here’s my thing about this. When 911 happened, when our country was embattled, burning, scared to death, we were less concerned about HOW we got information than that we GOT IT NOW. The CIA did what it had to do. Now, do I think waterboarding works? No, but to stand up and say that the Bush administration misled you on what was happening behind those closed doors is a lie. You knew. The CIA had no reason to hide it. No one protested it. The only person who ever had a reason to claim ANY criticism of the Bush administration is Rep Barbara Lee of California who is the ONLY Democrat who opposed military action. (I don’t agree with her, but at least she wasn’t taking a poll for her convictions.) Now, I see that your party has grown angry with the war (can we still call it a war? Well, our guys are still dying so I’m going to call it like I see it) but you don’t get to point fingers. You can protest. You can say we may have gone too far. You can implement restrictions on the CIA to stop it. You CANNOT whitewash what happened. I remember. Doesn’t anyone remember how the drums were beating? How angry, frightened Americans were demanding a response, claiming that President Bush WAS TOO SLOW in his response? Remember THAT? Does everyone forget how we stood side by side to face the rest of the world and say “We will NOT stand by and let this happen”? No. I remember telling my father (Deceased 2002) that the American people would forget quickly, that the ones we call heroes, the ones we push to act, will all be shuffled aside for the expediency of politics. I am not surprised you’re one of them, Ms. Pelosi. I am surprised you won’t accept your role. You want to move on? Then stop trying to point fingers at the past and start rolling up your sleeves for the future.
Just Sayin’

To The State Of California
Unbelievable. You want me to vote more taxes to pay for teachers THAT MY TAXES SHOULD ALREADY BE PAYING FOR. For example, you want me to pay for a “Rainy Day Fund”. Then, I have to vote for a proposition to make sure the schools I’m paying for already won’t CUT MORE TEACHERS! AND, (as I understand it) you want to change the lottery that I only voted for way back when because you promised the money would go to schools so that you can PLUNDER IT FOR YOUR CRAZY ASS SPENDING! I had a little talk with my kid’s teacher. Apparently, I vote for this shit and I MAY save teacher’s jobs in the future. Not hers. She’s gone. Can you FUCKING believe that? Listen to me. The rest of us have to pay our bills. We have to cut stuff we don’t need. I pay my mortgage so I don’t get kicked out. I pay PG&E so my house doesn’t go dark. Everything else, pizza, cell phones, Starbucks coffee, going out to eat, all that gets cut when I can’t pay the basics. I don’t know if I can vote you more money. Maybe if I saw you Sacramento assholes taking a brown bag lunch to your sessions, staying in a Motel 6 and wearing shoes from Walmart I might consider it.
Just Sayin’

To California Voters
Tomorrow, we have to vote. It sucks, but we do. We can’t stand by and do nothing anymore. Regardless of whether we are voting for or against these propositions, they’re going to be spending OUR money. We have to tell them how. Because they won’t listen if we don’t speak up.
Just sayin’

FANTASTIC Allstar race Saturday night. And Congratulations to Tony Stewart who ran a smart, exciting race. I have to say it’s always worth it to see you guys duke it out. Nice job.
Just Sayin’

To The Dirt Faced Okie Kids and The Redneck
Headphones on means “Leave me alone. I’m writing.” I swear I’m going to wear a post it note on my forehead. Grrrrrr.
Just Sayin’

To The Telemarketers who have called FIFTEEN TIMES last weekend
No, my Brother-in-law isn’t here. No, I’m not his spouse. No, I don’t have a car warranty. No, I don’t want to sign up for your mortgage reduction scam. No, I’m not waiting on the phone for your important message. Yes, I really do want you all to fuck off.
Just sayin’



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8 responses to “A “It’s the Economy, Stupid” Just Sayin’

  1. Shawna

    Once again, Jen, bravo! Thanks for the reminder. I’d forgotten about tomorrow.

  2. I’m going to preface my remarks by saying that most legislators (not just the ones in our state) are gutless buffoons.

    Because of that, we CA voters don’t trust them to do their jobs and have gotten Proposition Happy, therefore acting just about as stupidly as they do. Voters have tried to do the job of the Legislature by enacting laws, and mandating borrowing and spending through the ballot box. These legal requirements give the politicians even less flexibility to act (especially during the tough times).

    We have screwed ourselves with our own ballot propositions. Instead of 120 idiots in Sacramento, we now have 36 million idiots all voting based on their own personal preferences rather than the big picture. That is why I rarely vote for any ballot proposition, even if I believe in the principle. Propositions are bad policy and easily co-opted by people (i.e. corporations and other special interest groups) with money.

    Additionally (and completely off point), the sad fact is that while you may pay your bills, many other Americans don’t. We happily spend way more than we have, piling up loads of unsecured debt and bad home loans. That is a huge reason we are in such terrible economic trouble. People who are doing such a bang up job managing their personal finances are the very same folks who are voting for all those lovely ballot measures.

    But ultimately, it is all our fault–we the people. This is a mess we have all created, and based on past history, I’m not sure we can clean it up. I am almost certain that my own grandchildren will have it a hell of a lot worse than I do. That makes me sad. And pissed off.

    That’s my rant. Now on to the beer so I can pretend this world doesn’t exist!

    • Jen

      I don’t know, Gramps. I think the hardest thing is when Sacramento begs us for money (um, gasoline tax anyone?) saying it will go for something specific (infrastructure/highway maintenance) and they IGNORE us. I think that HAS made us proposition happy. I constantly watch those assholes “redirect” “appropriate” and bullshit their way into taking money away from education, healthcare and welfare. They know we’ll ante up for police and fire. They know we’ll go to the mattresses for our kids. In short, they scam us every way they can.

  3. Um, should I mention that I’ve never missed an election in twenty years and my absentee ballot is still sitting on the kitchen table unopened? I’m making the road trip to San Diego to hand-deliver it.

    And I’ve always hated Pelosi. Even when I was a Democrat.

    • Jen

      That’s how I am too, R.J. I love my right to vote.
      Funny how everyone has forgotten how Pelosi swore she was going to “end the war in Iraq and bring our boys home” and the only thing that’s happened is that the name of the “war” has changed.

  4. Jen, I hosted Book Club at my place last night and I put a stack of your Edge of the Storm on my Millipede machine by the door and invited everyone to grab a copy when they left – they all did! Just spreadin’ the word . . . . great political rant by the way, for me, California is a great place to visit but the taxes (sales tax, income tax, mil rate, you name it) are staggering . . . I can’t imagine it . . . .

    • Jen

      OMG!! Thanks Steve. I hope you’ve had a chance to read it and I didn’t slaughter anything too badly.
      California is one of the most expensive states to live in and it’s about to get worse.

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