A T.V. Just Sayin’

Okay. I don’t care what your plans for a plot are. But I’ve got two MAJOR problems with your current direction. One, Ziva shouldn’t be getting naked with ANYONE but Tony. Dating? Yes. Flirting? Certainly? But naked? In bed? No. Ziva and Tony are my favorite couple to watch and if she’s boinking someone else, I am NOT going to be happy. Two, a TERRORIST? I mean, a cold ass KILLER? If Ziva is going to make a massive bedroom error, it shouldn’t be with a killer who was running a terrorist cell. Oh, and what’s with the whole introducing me to Chris O’Donnell as this cool new character and then killing him? You guys suck.
Just Sayin’

To The Discovery Channel
Thanks for the Mother’s Day Deadliest Catch Marathon. It was awesome.
Just Sayin’

To Quiznos
Are you telling me you don’t see what’s wrong with this ad?

It’s bad enough that I have to filter through Enzyte ads with their horrendous double entendres. Worst of all, these ads are on Cartoon Network. How would YOU like to explain to your children why the oven is talking about liking a wipe down with a shimmy? You’ve guaranteed I won’t be buying your product.
Just Sayin’

To Fox
Is canceling good shows your forte or what? First, I hear rumors that you won’t be renewing “The Sarah Chronicles” one of my favs I watch on Hulu.com every week. Then, I see you’re canceling “Dollhouse”. Now, I’m not a huge fan of “Dollhouse” but I know many who are. It seems that you have a knack for kicking excellent shows to the curb, yet “Family Guy” is still getting big billing. Whatever.
Just Sayin’

To The Republican Party
You don’t get it. I just got a survey from you in the mail which proves it. Look, I’m not interested in a Newt Gingrich revival. I don’t like Rush. You ARE becoming the Old White Man Party. Here’s my bitch with you. John McCain was the only candidate who spoke about the truth in Iraq. He has ALWAYS done it. I planned to vote for him even as you tried to shove Mitt Romney with his perfect tan down my throat. Then, McCain begins to get good momentum. You did everything to slow it down, make it worse. Then, you showed clear reluctance when you nominated him to run as the party’s candidate. Now we come to my biggest complaint.
Sarah Palin. As the media attacked her, as she became the punching bag for the Democratic party, you all gave pat, canned answers in her defense. NONE of you came out and fought for her. NONE of you showed an ounce of smarts in presenting her to the public. Most of the American public views Sarah Palin the way that Saturday Night Live presented her. Of course, why should I be surprised? As a party, you have shown yourself to be as disloyal as the Democrats are to what you perceive as a losing candidate. (Democrats, don’t think I’ve forgotten Gray Davis. I haven’t. You abandoned him and lost to Arnold. Thanks to you, we have a Hollywood Terminator in Sacramento running things.) So, pay attention, GOP. Stop being a bunch of judgmental assholes. Stop jamming your status quo in my face. This is 2009, not 1992. Open up your minds to the possibility of inclusiveness. Deal with the real issues. Let states decide the moral issues for themselves. Protect our constitution. ALL of our constitution. (That includes Free Speech and non-discrimination as well as the right to keep and bear arms). Stop being the party of bigots, moral uptight assholes and old ideas. Perhaps there’s a way to reduce the Federal role of government and let the voters decide the big stuff. Stop being the world’s policemen. And stop being the World Bank’s little lackeys. I don’t expect you’ll listen, but I had to speak up.
Just Sayin’



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18 responses to “A T.V. Just Sayin’

  1. Shawna

    Do you hear that? I’m standing and applauding!

  2. Shawna

    PS: And I thought 5$ foot-longs was bad.

  3. Jen

    Thanks Shawna. And man, was that ad nasty.

  4. WHAT? No more Sarah Conner Chronicles? WTF?! I watch that religiously.

    But, Jen, Family Guy is a damn hilarious show.

    • Jen

      You know, Gramps, that’s what my husband says. My thing is that Fox is becoming the “Mike Judge” channel. Do we really NEED some many cartoons that poke fun at everyone? I mean, wasn’t The Simpsons and King Of The Hill enough?
      And yes, I heard rumors that The Sarah Conner Chronicles won’t be renewed. They’re going to wait and see how the new Terminator movies does. *pouts*

      • We need MANY MORE shows that poke fun at everyone. Otherwise, how else will I feel good about myself?

        I’ll be pissed if Sarah goes away.

  5. Amen! My hubby totally gets his heinie out of joint every single time that commercial comes on. It’s come to the point where I’d rather watch HIM. LOL

  6. Jen, you deserve a standing “O” for this. No pun intended. Go “Non-Partisan” like I do. Only catch is you can’t vote for a GOP candidate during the primaries.

    And Dollhouse is likely gone. *sigh*

  7. Jen, I can’t believe I had never seen that commercial. Yuck. I can’t believe they didn’t even try to hide what they were insinuating. With a 9 year old daughter who is quickly figuring out the birds and the bees, this was the last thing I needed to see!

    • Jen

      No kidding, Sandi. From what the Redneck told me, the one I posted is a cleaned up version of the damn thing. I was pissed.
      Of course, Batman made my eight year old as me “What is flirting, Mama.”
      I didn’t have an answer.

  8. jodi

    lol, I guess I’m the only one who thinks it’s funny as all hell. I don’t watch tv, but I like commercials. 🙂 Thanks for sharing (I probably would have missed it.)

    • Jen

      LMAO, Jodi! I guess if you’ve got little kids asking what the oven means my “more passion”, um, it changes how I view it.
      And I’m glad to share.

  9. Stewie is my current screensaver, if that says anything about me…

  10. I’ve given up on television. Everything I like gets pulled. Thank goodness I like to read. And the Quiznos commercials … not sure where they think they’re going with that one.

  11. Kym

    Once, a long time ago, I actually was a registered Republican. I got tired of the oppressed white man rhetoric. The Democratic party doesn’t meet all my needs but at least they don’t whine about how badly white males are treated.

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