A Pearls Before Swine Just Sayin


To The Media
So the Swine Flu bullshit has once again showed your primary purpose is to scare the American people into hatred. The idea that closing the borders would have stopped the spread of the Swine Flu as little sorority girls brought it home and spread it is typical of your fear mongering. It’s ridiculous. Instead of helping, reaching out, supporting a country in a crisis, we recoiled and blamed. How typical. Stephen King’s vision of the end in “The Stand” seems pretty reasonable. It seems when a superbug does attack our country, we’ll be too busy pointing fingers to survive. Thanks for the heads up.
Just Sayin’

To the Trolls HERE
I was highly amused that a discussion on irony turned into a name calling session. However, I think you all needed to see this video.

You’re welcome.
Just sayin’

To Dayna
How the hell did you get me into this MayNoWriMo? Was I asleep? I bet I was. No way I did it consciously. For all you lucky people who don’t know what that is, it’s a version of the National Novel Writing Month, in which insane people-er I mean motivated writers write a novel in thirty days or a month. Usually it happens in November, but a small number of nutcases-er I mean dedicated people do one in May. So, I’m writing fifty thousand words in thirty-one days. I also have a team. (Thanks for impressing me into service as team captain too. Did I volunteer? I swear I have alzheimers) Anyway, GO TEAM THUMBTACK!!!!! Wish me luck. I hate to lose, so I’ll be nose to the grindstone for the next three weeks.
Just Sayin’

To The Deadliest Catch Film Crew
Brilliant beginning to Season Five. Oh and thanks for the upcoming Mother’s Day Marathon. I’ll be in HEAVEN.
Just Sayin’



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12 responses to “A Pearls Before Swine Just Sayin

  1. I know I think Dayna sideswipped me on Chat Challenge with that one.

    Well, I need to get the words done really. Go Team Paperclip!!

  2. verybadcat

    Screw swine flu. We’ve got the kissing disease up in this bitch (my office building)! Mono- it’s not just for high schoolers anymore. How long will it take me to come down with it? My best friend R will get her lab results in a day or so, but the doctor is convinced- mononucleosis, and we drink after each other all the time…..

    Maybe I’ll get a month of bedrest. That would make it all worthwhile. πŸ˜‰

  3. Jen

    Oh NO! Um, maybe you guys should quit sharing that whiskey bottle. LOL.

  4. Amen to the swine flu idiots at the news networks.

    And to DEADLIEST CATCH? Yawn…

  5. According to the CDC, the swine flu has always existed, and people have contracted it throughout history–but the general public wasn’t familiar with it before, because it never spread so rapidly and prolifically.

    Blaming the Mexicans for this potential pandemic is pointless. The outbreak just happened to originate in Mexico, due to the combination of rapid population growth (Mexico City is now the most populous of all) and poor living conditions. And the CDC’s current map shows that the outbreak is spontaneously occurring in different areas worldwide, particularly the most populous and impoverished.

    Of course one could blame it on any country, due to its “lack of population control.” But almost every nation in the world, including the United States, is failing to control its population growth.

    Forty years ago, the worldwide population was over two billion. Now it’s over six billion. And it is predicted to exceed eleven billion, by 2050. So the worldwide population is growing exponentially.

    Because this planet cannot sustain so many people, the human population must be reduced drastically, just as that of any other overabundant species.

    A pandemic could accomplish this. And the swine flu may become that pandemic. If so, the worldwide population could be reduced to one billion. And in my opinion, this would be sufficient–I don’t believe the world population should have exceeded one billion, in the first place.

    Of course I don’t want to be among the people killed. But why shouldn’t I be? Nature (which I consider the primary manifestion of the Creator) makes no distinctions.

    • Jen

      Excellent information, Scott. Let me add this. It amuses me that the very people who advocate Darwin’s theory as the pinnacle of scientific discovery (“survival of the fittest”) also fight against the extinction of a species.
      Our time on this planet will be short compared to the longevity of rocks around us. I’m one of those people who believe our actions (fouling our environment, killing off animal’s habitat, etc.) will have little effect on the Earth long term. It will, however, destroy us as a species.
      Provided some superbug doesn’t kill us first.
      We are at Nature’s mercy.

  6. Shawna

    Go Team Thumbtack! I watching from the sidelines in awe… I’ve done 50,000 in a month before but not, er, on demand. : )

    You go girls! I’ll be your cheerleader as long as you don’t mind a not quite so perky one. : )

  7. Shawna

    Damn it. I’m watching from the sidelines… yeah, and I write real good too. ; )

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