Just Sayin’


FINALLY! A race! Talledega was fantastic last weekend. And for all you folks who think racing is just “going around in circles”, you have to check this out. INCREDIBLE! I stood on my feet and shouted when the race ended. I was hoping for Michael Waltrip to win (he came in 21) but he had a very close call and TOTALLY SAVED it. I love Michael. He’s just so classy. So for the first time since the season began in February, I’ve actually been excited by a race. Of course, I credit the passion in the drivers, not your uptight rules, but I’ll take what I can get.
Just Sayin’

To The Redneck
Thanks hon. You know why.

Just Sayin

To my editors
I can NOT believe how close we are to done with all this crap. I’m going to be so thrilled when I’m out of edit hell. Whiskey’s on my, Ladies.
Just Sayin’

To Some of the Twitter Accounts..
…who have decided to follow me and I’m not following you. It’s not really personal. I just don’t want news on my Twitter. It just makes me mad. I know. I should be informed. I should pay attention. But it’s bad enough that I’m bombarded with all this stuff regularly. I don’t really want updates on our deficit, or waste in government, or all that stuff. Call me an Ostrich but during the week, I like my head in the sand. I’m forced out every weekend when The Redneck comes home. I’m not going to change the status quo. Sorry.
Just Sayin’

To my mother and my sisters
Yes, I know. I haven’t emailed. I haven’t called. I’ve been…crazy. Okay, more crazy than usual. Believe me, I know I need to respond to stuff, I’m just juggling less effectively than usual. So far, no dropped balls, but I’m fumbling a bit. As usual.
Just Sayin’

To Monday
I’m flipping you off. I really, really hate Mondays. Really.
Just sayin’



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8 responses to “Just Sayin’

  1. Shawna

    Hi Jen,

    Yay on being almost done with the edits. : )

    I know about those balls. My SO has told me from time to time that I should just put a few of them down… um, yeah, sure. My juggling has suffered the last few weeks too. Here’s to hoping we both our game on!

    Take care!

  2. Eric Kirk

    I haven’t dared twitter or facebook. I’ve got enough distractions on the computer as it is and I get sucked into things easily.

  3. I understand the Twitter thing. I’m getting a lot more business followers than before. Whatever happened to the hot chick with the free laptop? The self-styled marketers that looked like they were sponging off the government (unemployment)? Twitter spam is weird.

  4. Not into Twitter spam. I don’t understand why anyone would think being annoyed is a good way to begin a business relationship.

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