Thirteen People I Love To Tweet

Yep. It’s finally happened. Twitter has taken over the Redneck Romance Universe. Along with the weeds.
I have started “Twittering” or “Tweeting” regularly.
So here are thirteen people I love to “Tweet” with over at Twitter.

1. Dayna Hart
I talk to Dayna all the time, but Twittering with her is a blast. Especially when we all Twitter with…
2. Crystal Jordan
3. Patti O’Shea
When those three go at it, tweeting can be informative, hilarious, and very very cool.
4. WriterMomof5
who is just fun to watch her Twit. Plus her blog rocks too.
5. Angela James
She gives lots of fantastic writerly info (She’s Senior Editor at Samhain Publishing) plus a blow by blow of conference workshops, awards and sometimes bar attendance. LOL. She’s fun AND informative to follow. #editorwin.
6. Smart Bitches
They are HILARIOUS. I love following them.
7. Jane from Dear Author
Her Ravenous Romance theater is hilarious.
8. LeafsFan16
I love his enthusiasm for everything, even his day job. He’s a blast to follow.
9. Redneck Mommy
Yeah, no surprise she made this list. Of course, she wouldn’t be as much fun to follow if it wasn’t for…
10. Backpacking Dad
He’s hilarious. I don’t always understand what the hell he’s talking about, but he’s fun.
11. Lanie Fuller
She is so fun.
12. NASCARgirls
A fantastic group of women who combine NASCAR with handbags and shoes. I lurrrrrve them.
13. Suicide Blond
She doesn’t Tweet a lot, but I love it when she does.

What makes Twitter fun for me? Interaction, good links, a great place to get information in 140 characters or less. LOL. Happy Twittering.



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41 responses to “Thirteen People I Love To Tweet

  1. I don’t Tweet, but if I did, I’d follow you. πŸ˜€

    Our T13 is up over at the Midnight Moon Cafe:

  2. I don’t tweet, either. Sounds fun, but too much of a time-suck.

  3. First you make me get high speed. Now Twitter?

  4. I’m stubbornly resisting Twitter. πŸ™‚

  5. Like I don’t have enough distractions to keep me from writing???

    Happy TT!

  6. AJ O'Donovan

    *sob* i didn’t get a mention…see if i tweet again!

    (yeah i’m totally gonna)

    (love you really)

    • Jen

      I know, Ayla! Funny, I thought of you, Fae Sutherland, Kim Knox, Mima, and a ton of others I love to follow! Like I totally miss Portia when she doesn’t Twit for a while. But I had to keep it to thirteen.
      I love you really too.

  7. I don’t Twitter either. I’m afraid of adding more distractions to my “I’m not writing because …” list. lol
    Happy Thursday. My 13

  8. I think I’m the only human left who doesn’t Twitter. LOL! Happy Thursday! *Hugs*

  9. I’m really sorry to read this news…

  10. Twittering is great fun. I have a real wide range of types of people. Dayna, Crystal and Jen are always a great source of amusement lol Better than Scooby Doo!
    Happy T13!

  11. Shawna

    I was going to leave a comment on your post, really I was, but then I saw the cover for Heart of the Storm… have I not seen that cover before? Distracted…. and off to buy the book. ; )

  12. Is this like Tweety and Sylvester? Cartoons?

  13. I don’t tweet. …and as Martha would say, that’s a good thing because I spend waaaaaay to much time on here as it is.

  14. I think Twitter’s lots of fun too. I find myself using it in weird patterns, though–like lots of tweets in a short time and then weeks without any. I do read other tweets every day though!

    • Jen

      It’s not an every day thing for me either. I have bursts of tweeting here and there. And then I won’t go by for a while.
      That’s what I like about it.

  15. I *heart* Twitter so much! Addicted. Yes, I admit it.

    Happy TT!

  16. Great list! I don’t get on Twitter as much as I probably should! LOL!

  17. Thanks for the recommendations. It is rather hard to find good twittererers to follow….

  18. πŸ˜₯ I’m destroyed that I’m not on the list!

    hee hee.

    I will follow some of these folks. I just got back to twitter after a 2 year break. I am never sure that I like it….

    • Jen

      LOL Claudia! I doubt that! I had to keep my list down to thirteen.
      If I’m following you? I lurrrrrrve you. LOL.
      Twitter isn’t for everyone. It’s like instant messaging a whole bunch of people.

  19. Thanks for the #8 slot, Jen. Are you going to watch the ARCA race at ‘Dega tomorrow? It’s on @2pm PST on Speed channel.

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