It’s another random Saturday post

Tomorrow is Easter! Happy Easter everyone!!!
I’m cleaning my house. I mean CLEANING MY HOUSE. LOL. The Redneck has been awesome. He okay’d the release of funds for new bookcases. SWEEEEEEEET. And I drooled over them. A lot. My books are now housed in their new pretty homes and the old (particle board bookcases I’ve had since my first marriage) bookcases are now residing in the dining room housing all the crap I couldn’t find a place for before. YAYYYY.
I’ve cleaned most of my carpets, redistributed items and dusted. OMG. I DUSTED. I swear, I never do this shit. LOL.
Also, SpeedRacer introduced me to one of my newest obsession and yes, Gramps, it’s music related. He showed me how to use Pandora Radio. You know how you get in the mood for something like “that song”? Okay, maybe it’s just me. I’m MOODY. I want something that sounds like “Creep” by TLC. Or “Master and Servant” by Depeche Mode. Mixed with “Circus” by Britney. I don’t want other stuff those three sing. I want stuff like THOSE songs. LOL. This thing can do it.
Of course, it’s all part of something called The Music Genome Project. It’s probably Big Brother, so you’ve been warned. I’m obsessed with it though. LOL. It’s been kind of fun.
Stephanie (a secondary character in both “The Secret She Keeps” and “The Trust She Yields”) won’t leave me alone. I didn’t want to write her because she and the hero have been divorced with a bunch of issues. Plus, she was pretty extreme in her Submissive tendencies. (And after “The Mask She Wears”, I was a little hesitant to go THERE again). Finally, I’ve started her story. Beneath that blonde ditzy exterior is a very angry, very bitter and very broken woman. Being in her head is a bit much. And her ex hubby isn’t much better. He was quite the asshole. ALWAYS fun to write. *rolls eyes*. At least he regrets it. How he’s going to convince Stephanie to have ANYTHING to do with his ass I don’t know. *shakes head*. Stupid characters. I got a thousand words written on them. Hopefully, those two will shut up now. But I doubt it.
You know, life is GOOD. Despite the insanity lately, I’ve been very, very blessed. God has been good to us.
Last weekend, The Redneck had a chest cold and was pretty miserable. I laid awake listening to him snore one night and prayed. The thing is that a little cold seemed so…little. Let’s just say I made the phone call and then said “You know what? I’m just glad you’re there. Don’t worry about us. We’re doing okay.”
And we are.
For all the complaining I do about edits I HAVE THEM. I still get contracts despite the fact that I’m no friggin Nora Roberts. My publishers are good to me. I LOVE writing. All of it. Even the parts that aren’t fun at the time. Again, I’m so lucky.
Oh! And I get to chair the Not Going To Conference Conference at Romance Divas. Every year we do this big online event for those of us who can’t go to the Romance Writers of America conference. Last year, I got to go to San Francisco and it was a blast. But this year, it’s in Washington D.C. and we just can’t afford it.
Instead, I’ll be hanging out with a ton of AWESOME Divas.
So, here’s a question for all you reader/authors out there. Who would YOU love to hang with online for a workshop? Believe me, I’ll ask anyone. LOL.
Randomness over.



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10 responses to “It’s another random Saturday post

  1. Ray Bradbury. And Hemingway.

  2. Jen

    I’d LOVE to get either of those authors..however Mr. Bradbury is eighty-eight years old and Mr. Hemingway is dead.
    Appreciate the suggestion Gramps. LOL.

  3. Happy Easter Jen! I’m glad things are going so well for you.

  4. jodi

    Happy Easter, Jen. it’s spring, you were spring cleaning–good thing you didn’t haul out the toothbrush for the grout around the toilet bowl. That’s when you know you’ve gone too far.

  5. Jen

    What? It’s too far? *hides toothbrush behind back*

  6. Happy Easter Jen! You good mood is contagious! Cheers!

  7. Shawna

    Loved this post. I was thinking along these lines this morning as I walked through the Easter stewn house. I am very blessed. Today, not even the clogged kitchen sink is getting me down.

    Diva workshop! I’m there. Just joined, you know, though I’ve been a Diva for a while now. ; )

    As to who I’d like to hang with.. the Diva’s of course. I’ve so much to learn!

  8. Jen

    Awesome Shawna!!!! *psssst* I think I have Linnea Sinclair for one of the workshops. Can I just say I think you’d LOVE her?

  9. Shawna

    I’m looking forward to it!

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