A Why Does Everyone Love Spring? Just Sayin’


To Spring
Yes, I know. Everyone loves you. The sun. The flowers. The ALLERGIES!!!! Ever since I was a kid you’ve tormented me with your pollen infested, overly bright days and your humid nights. And because of you, I used to get shots. Allergy shots. Plus, everyone looks at me like I’m a nutcase because I get depressed during your cycle (and actually enjoy winter). In the interests of other people’s happiness, I hope you stick around, but in the interests of being able to breathe, I kind of hope you don’t bloom so enthusiastically. I know. Vain hope.
Just Sayin’

To My Characters
Keeping me awake on those days when I have to be up at 2am? NOT COOL!!! Plus, having book wars inside my brain isn’t cool either. I KNOW it would be cool to connect up that really awesome science fiction idea with the fantasy, but I’m not going to do it with only two hours of sleep. YOu need to bug me when I’ve had coffee.
Just Sayin’

To Deputy Hurlburt of the Trinity County Sheriff’s Department
I really appreciate the time you took to talk to me about the Search and Rescue program in Trinity County. Also, hooking me up with the national link, NASAR, where I proceeded to buy stuff for both Cub Scouts AND my next book. I’m totally dedicating it to you. Besides being a fount of information, you understood I was at work and was VERY patient. I’m so grateful to you for your time.
Just Sayin’

To The Cub Scouts Bitches
I’ve refrained from saying anything. I swear. I believe in the adage that you either lead, follow or get out of the way. I don’t want to lead. Been there. I’m no good at following. So, I’ve been getting out of the way. That’s just what I do. You don’t like me. I get that. You don’t like my kid. I get that too. But let me explain. Cub Scouts is about CAMPING and learning how to help others. It’s not about arts and crafts. It’s not about “getting that badge”. It’s about learning INTEGRITY. So, when I suggest that we use an overnight camping trip at Grizzly Creek (complete with showers for the wussys) to learn things like Fire safety, what to do when you get lost and stuff like that AND YOU TELL ME ALL THE REASONS WE CAN’T? I think maybe you’re missing the point. You’ve already made most of the Den meetings like “school”. I would appreciate if you wouldn’t be so fucking negative about doing BOY STUFF. And I don’t mean “touch football”. Boys are boys. Let the BE boys. We’re supposed to be raising them to be men with integrity.
Just Sayin’

To All The Authors That Have Helped Me
To Dayna, to Shawna, to Crystal, to Lori, to Lex, to Elaina, to Stephanie Secrest, to Cup, To Jeanne, to Kaige, to Melissa, to…OMG, there’s so many of you!!! Thank you all.
Just Sayin’



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9 responses to “A Why Does Everyone Love Spring? Just Sayin’

  1. Shawna

    I torture myself in the spring. I love the flowers, they hate me. Thank God for allergy medicine but even then…

    I love the winter too, it’s my allergy free time.

  2. Let’s see – despite my allergies, the migraines, the itchy watery eyes here is why I LOVE spring.

    Winter here = feet of snow regularly. This requires heating and fuel for heating. Heating fuel is expensive – Over $2000 for propane this winter in fact.

    Spring = no heating or cooling necessary = cheaper utilities = peace.

  3. verybadcat

    Winter= sketchy driving in bad weather. constant 40 mph wind. heating expense, or finding wood. short days- too much darkness. not enough snow- so everything is brown and dead. no wildflowers. no short sleeves or short skirts.

    Spring= lots of warm but rainy days- my fave. wildflowers abound. warm southern winds. open windows. Easter candy. Egg salad. Cheap fruit. Gardening!

    If you need help with those cub scout bitches, just say the word………

  4. Jen

    See Shawna? I knew we shared a brain. Wait. I think I’ve said that before. Curse this half brainedness!
    Tricia and VBC you both have very good points. Focus on the positive. (Except for the gardening thing. I have a black thumb. No really. I kill EVERYTHING!)

  5. I thought the thing about Hurlburt was going to be a sarcastic thank you, but it wasn’t, so nice going!

    Also, re: the Cub Scouts: go get ’em, Jen!

  6. Jen

    No way, Gramps. Deputy Hurlburt was so awesome.
    And about Cub Scouts? I will. Somehow.

  7. jodi

    spring means cleaning the grill, scrubbing the deck, trimming the bushes–’cause my mom invited herself over for Easter, and I can’t even bitch about it on my blog because she reads the damned thing. Allergies, sma-leergies, I have to scrub the walls.

    Uhm…did something happen to make you thankful or is it the benadryl? 🙂

  8. Heheh . . . “Cub Scout Bitches” . . . . only you could coin the term Jen, you are simply one of a kind . . .

  9. Jen

    It’s totally the benadryl, Cup. LOL.
    Thanks Steve….I think. LOL. I get to visit the Cub Scout Bitches again tonight. *shudders* Wish me luck.

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