A Sore Throat Sniffling Sneezing Just Sayin’


To Train Boy
Thank you for sharing your germs, honey. Of all the things I love about you, your willingness to give until it hurts (me) is the biggest. The fact that I’m now unable to swallow without wincing and can’t breathe very well is such a precious gift from your heart to mine.
Just Sayin’

To The Dirt Faced Okie Boys
You were awesome on Saturday. On a mission for “Scouting For Food”, you walked, and walked, and WALKED to pick up bags of food for the Pantry in Fortuna. I am so proud of you. Both of you kicked ass on Saturday and did your Dens proud.
Just sayin’

To The Media
Will you shut up about The Octomom already? You remember what “news” is don’t you? There IS a difference between news and celebrity gossip. I have a tough time believing that Octomom’s latest Angelina obsessed moment has more bearing on the world’s state of affairs than the economy. Can you PLEASE stop distracting us with gadfly?
Just Sayin’

To Stephanie and Darina
Shut up already. Darina, I wrote 1700 words on your story and you should be happy since I need to edit. And Stephanie? You can wait. I totally wrote you off and I don’t think you should get pissy.
Just sayin’

To My Readers
I’m considering writing a Prequel to one of my series. What do you think? Take a poll. What can it hurt?

I just don’t have more in me today. Short and sweet.



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9 responses to “A Sore Throat Sniffling Sneezing Just Sayin’

  1. jodi

    lol, you got 3 votes, with one vote in each category. Does that mean it’s up to you? I think you should run with it and see what happens, but yeah–I was the one who voted no. I don’t like them if the story already wrapped up and I consider it finished, but if it’s still on-going, it depends on how the writer handles it.

  2. Jen

    LOL Jodi! Funny, because I can give an example from the SAME author of both. “First King of Shannara” by Terry Brooks. A prequel to the Shannara series and AWESOME. But then, Brooks tied his Knight of the Word series to the Shannara series. I didn’t like them. Shannara was more “fantasy” and Knight of the Word was “Urban Fantasy”. Amazingly, even with the same writer, I didn’t like it. So, one prequel totally worked and another didn’t.
    It’s a toss up, isn’t it?

  3. Jen, I’m so sorry you feel like crap. Both the boys had the stomach flu last week and thank God it bypassed my gut. I also agree about Octopussy/Octomom. Enough already! But did you hear, she fired her nannies ;-). Sorry, but I just had to throw that in. Anyhoo, get better soon.

  4. katewilloughby

    About the prequel thing…depends on the series. 🙂

    My hubby sent me a picture of an Octomom Halloween costume, this woman had eight baby dolls in her arms and fake big lips. It was hilarious.

  5. Jen

    LOL Sandi! I don’t know much about the woman, but she’s ALL anyone talks about. It’s sad. Like Brangelina. Who CARES.
    And Kate, it usually depends on the series for me too. But I’m LESS inclined to buy a prequel to a book because of my experience with Terry Brooks.

  6. jodi

    I hate to say I don’t know what the octomom is? Is she…like an octogenerian or something? *I’m so out of touch* I liked the prequel to the Dresden Files, but since it came out in graphic novel format, maybe it was the format I liked, and not so much the story. The story was good, if light.

    The one prequel I really liked was Cetaganda. But then, it wasn’t really a prequel, because it was number three time wise in a series, but came out maybe number ten in real-time, so it was weird, but good–and it worked because Bujold needed the time to grow as a writer. I don’t think she would have created such a layered world (although she did Barrayar *thinking thinking*) in the beginning.

    Maybe you should do a prequel.

  7. Prequels CAN be very good. They can also stink. Tread carefully.

  8. Jen

    Octomom is the chick that had eight babies by invitro when she had six kids at home….and is on welfare. Oh, and she wants to look like Angelina. I don’t get the big deal. Obscurity is a good place for her.
    Exactly Gramps. I’m considering the whole thing VERY carefully.

  9. OMG! Enough of Octomom. Make the idiot doctor who did the invitro pay child support for all eight of those babies for the rest of their lives … problem solved. Move on. I’m with you Jen, the world is bigger than her crap!

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