Whiskey Wednesday Video




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3 responses to “Whiskey Wednesday Video

  1. Amanda Marshall rocks. I LOVE her song, Sunday Morning After.

    Oh and DD came home with the new this week that 4 of her 5 teachers for 6th grade got pink slips last Friday. Stupid state.

  2. Jen

    That’s one of my favorites, Kaige. You’re the one who got me onto Amanda Marshall in the first place.
    It’s unbelievable about the teachers, isn’t it? *shakes head*.

  3. I was like, didn’t we just scare the bejeezus out of all the young teachers LAST year? Guess we’ll break in all new ones next year with DS (how’d they both grow up so fast?).

    Oh, hey, I thought I’d sent you that one before, but couldn’t remember. If you like her, you might also like Billie Myers. Did I send you that one too? I think Kiss the Rain was a Dawson’s Creek song, but I like it anyway. LOL

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