An Outrageous Just Sayin’


I see you’re at it again. Perhaps corporate America needs an education on bonuses. Gentlemen, bonuses are given out when a company has been SUCCESSFUL! When a company shows a profit, the executives who made that profit happen through ingenuity, hard work and sacrifice receive a “bonus”. Now, if a company is near bankruptcy, requires taxpayer money to “bail them out” and shows LOSSES then they are NOT “successful”. Therefore, no bonuses. You’re brass balls are pretty damn shiny.
Just sayin’

To Sampson, Alabama
and the surrounding area affected by the tragedy there. I am so sorry for your loss. Especially for the loss of a Deputy’s wife and her small eighteen month old child. Random shootings never make sense.
Just Sayin’

To The Redneck
Faith n begorrah it was a nice weekend. Cornbeef and cabbage, Cribbage with the master, a pleasant weekend all around. Happy early St. Paddy’s Day, darlin’.
Just Sayin’

To The Two Chicks From Americorps
Now, I’m all for educating my kids about our “watershed”. However, I object to money being spent on a political agenda in the classroom when nine teachers are on the chopping block and the district has to cut $481,000 from the budget. Yes, I know it’s all “different” money, but frankly it’s all paid for by MY TAXES. Here’s the thing. Logging isn’t evil. And frankly, I’ve seen trees grow back in a “watershed” after they’ve been logged. I’ve yet to see a tree grow back where a Starbucks is built. Until I hear a little of THAT in your presentation, I’ll continue to object to your visits. I don’t like preachy. I live here so that I can have a little balance in a world that seems to object to logging, fishing, farming or any attempt to obtain natural resources. There IS a way to continue to protect our environment, our fish, our resources without making those who make a living here out to be “evil”. Now, I will say you were relatively restrained compared to some of what I’ve seen, but it bothers me that I’m PAYING for this with my taxes yet the government cuts funding for schools. Is it really worth the money to teach my children that a man who logs his land for money is “ruining” the watershed? So now, to keep the Redneck from blowing a gasket, I have to go every Friday morning to hear your spiel. I think you should start serving drinks.
Just Sayin’

To The Boy Scouts
I love that we’re participating in a district wide “Food For Scouting” drive collecting food for the local food banks. On Saturday, the Dirt Faced Okie Boys and I wandered around Fortuna to drop off plastic bags at homes with information for local residents. Next Saturday, March 21st in the morning, we’ll be picking them up for food banks in our area. It was an opportunity to teach my kids about those less fortunate than we are. I’m grateful for this activity.
Just Sayin’



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6 responses to “An Outrageous Just Sayin’

  1. The AIG thing just infuriates me to no end – the waste and the disregard for decency. HUGE bonuses – ANY bonuses this year with the mess they made are a slap in the taxpayers and the shareholders face. I really wish our government would do more than give them a slap on the hand. 😦

  2. Jen

    I hear you Tricia!!!!

  3. Hooray for cribbage! But who is the master?

  4. americorp…
    what a bunch of freaks…..

  5. Jen

    Ah, Gramps, the great and wonderful Grandpa Ho Ho (my husband’s best friend). He’s the master.
    And SB, they kind of are really. LOL.

  6. It just gets better and better. How absolutely disgusting.

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