Thirteen Reasons To Wear Pink On Friday March 13th


Thirteen Reasons To Wear Pink On Friday

1. Because it’s a way to support teachers

2. Because the normal response would be to walk out
but California teachers would rather teach our children.

3. Because eight teachers at my kid’s school are getting pink slips
How many teachers are being laid off or “not rehired” in your area?

4. Because education is always the first thing cut in a state budget

5. Because there was probably a teacher who helped you
even if you hated school. For me, I had several. Mrs. Beach in 2nd and 3rd grade. Mr. Levin who taught me Shakespeare is best read aloud (and with flourish) and Mr. Travis Rogers who gave me the courage to chase my dreams even if they changed.

6. Because good teachers are hard to find
and even harder to keep.

7. Because frankly, it’s easy.
You don’t have to do anything else except show support.

8. Because a guy who wears pink to support teachers is HOT
Well he is.

9. Because it’s fashionable
Who knew?

10. Because teachers should be the LAST to go in a bad economy

11. Because the product teachers produce is our biggest resource

12. Because I HATE pink and I’m wearing it.
13. Because it’s the crappiest thing I’ve ever heard to give a pink slip to someone, ANYONE, on Friday the thirteen.
Who’s the brilliant person who came up with THAT one, Arnold?




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20 responses to “Thirteen Reasons To Wear Pink On Friday March 13th

  1. How sad. I feel bad for the teachers, AND the kids. Now they’ll be in much bigger classrooms with no one on one time with teachers. Shakes head…
    I don’t do pink lol, but for you, I’ll wear pink undies. *wink
    Happy T13!

  2. I’m seething on your behalf, Jennifer. I’m not a “professional” teacher, but I *do* teach, and I’m well aware of what a difficult and stressful job it is.

    My best friend is back in the US, struggling to make a living as a teacher at a school in Florida and maintain her sanity at the same time. The school is closing soon, which is a tragedy, as the kids she teaches are already suffering for a variety of reasons.

    Yeah, teachers aren’t important. Schools aren’t necessary. Let ignorance thrive – only elitists want well-educated kids, anyway, right?


    I’m wearing pink tomorrow, for what it’s worth, though I’m practically half a world away…

  3. Jen

    As long as you tell everyone you meet you’re wearing pink undies, okay…LOL!!!! I’m kidding. Thanks Adelle!!!!
    And Ms. Menozzi, thank you. I’ll be thinking of you wearing pink in Italy. You rock.

  4. Great TT! I actually have a degree in elementary eductation, but decided that teaching wasn’t for me.


    My TT is at

  5. I hate pink.

    but I support good teachers.

    Sister Mary Canice who taught me that inside a book cover, the world waited for me. And Mr;; Ashby who knew that writing does not follow all rules and when they are broken well, it is a cause for celebration, not F.

  6. Shawna

    I hate pink too, but I’ll wear it… wow, I might have to borrow something or wash something white with something red… But one way or another, I’ll do it.

    Teachers have our future in their hands, literally.

    Mine was Mr. Jones. Fourth grade. I still love that man. I went from a C student geek to an A student—still a geek but a straight A geek is cooler than a C student geek, you know? Point is, he believed in me.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  7. You have me looking over my own shoulder in fear. My kids are having enough problems in school. They don’t need to be crowded in with too many other students any more than they already are.

  8. Kym

    Aha, wash something white with something red! That might solve my problem. I’ll be wearing pink.

  9. Jen

    Sounds like you made the smarter choice, Paige.
    I do too, Shawna and Inez. I should take pictures because I don’t wear pink very often. Like, almost never. LOL.
    Go Kym!!!! Thanks. With your red hair it’ll be stunning.

  10. In an age when everyone is screaming that we are educationally behind … why? WHY would they fire/layoff teachers? We should be giving them raises and flowers every friday. Not pink slips. Jen, I had no idea. Is this just California?

  11. Jen

    I don’t know, Nina! I do know that other states will be cutting back as well.

  12. I’m going to copy your idea, lady. I have a sister post on my blog but more than likely I’ll just say, “read Jen’s and do what she says.” Can you tell I’m tired?!

  13. That is sad. I heard on the news here that they’re considering closing 3 schools in the Orlando area. 3. schools. I don’t have any kids and I don’t know anyone with them in my area, but still. Closing that many schools, laying off that many people…it’s ridiculous.

    I’m sorry to hear about your school losing teachers–especially when you’ve said they were good teachers. That really sucks, Jen. *hugs*

  14. Education should be the last item cut in any economy. The way I see it, you either pay for quality schools and teachers, or you pay for prisons. Personally, I’d rather pay for schools.

  15. I think you’re lying about #8.

  16. Things sound so much tougher in the US than they are here in NZ. I’m really sorry for these teachers. My mother was a teacher and I know how hard they work, sometimes under stressful conditions. Education has a ripple-on effect and I think it’s really important.

    What’s wrong with pink? I like pink 🙂

  17. Jen

    *gasp* GRAMPS!!! Would I lie to you?

  18. Janice Seagraves

    The class rooms are over crowded as it is! I don’t see how they can afford to fire teachers, especially when we need more?

    Happy TT.


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  20. Jennifer

    Illinois is laying off 17,000 teachers. We wore pink today!

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