It’s a New World Out There Just Sayin’


To Corporate America
So, let me get this straight. Is the new thing for the company with a loss to buy the company who earned? Merck drug company bought Schering-Plough. Now, Schering-Plough stockholders had to vote on this sale. And look at their buyer. Their sales dropped 3% while Schering-Plough sales rose 17%. So this means that FOR MONEY Schering-Plough sold their company to a loser, a company that is clearly NOT doing well in this economy. It seems to me there was a shit load of money made by somebody here. Once again, the little guy is duped. Here’s how I see it. In an economy with men like Madoff (and does anyone find that name hilarious? Like an accountant named “Steal”) who run their companies into the ground, get paid obscene amounts of money and then shrug in the face of his stockholders, how can this kind of an attitude be justified? Capitalism is NOT amount getting the most and getting out. That’s called SCAMMING. I’m starting to think our corporations need to grow up. That whole “Greed is Good” mentality is soooo eighties.
Just Sayin’

To All Crazy Men With A Gun
Now, I don’t advocate random violence against anyone BUT I do NOT understand why, with so many deserving idiots out there who would totally deserve a crazy shooting get a free pass, but someone who is trying to help others is shot down. To my mind, the wrong guys are always being shot. The ones who totally deserve it only get theirs on “Law and Order”.
Just Sayin’

To John McCain
Too bad they didn’t listen. But keep up the good work. (Really. Check out the link. It seems that business as usual continues while we tumble into financial oblivion.) I have heard, however, that 6 out of the 10 highest earmark pushers are Republican. This isn’t going to make you very popular. Oh wait! You’re already unpopular with your own party. Well, consider this a pat on the back from one voter who is SICK of random bullshit being passed in a budget during a financial crisis.
Just Sayin’

To President Obama’s Cabinet
I would like to point out something very interesting. When George Bush took office in January 2001, he was faced with a sliding economy, a bitterly divided country and a burst bubble in the technological sector of the stock market. Now, he attempted (ineffectively IMHO) to explain HE hadn’t created the problem. Yet, the American public was told by every single news media outlet that George Bush ruined our economy that was so awesome under Bill Clinton. Now, in 2009, you are faced with huge challenges. An economy tumbling into oblivion, millions out of work, a twenty-five year high in unemployment and a huge deficit all sit on your desk. Guess what? You don’t get to constantly shift the blame to the previous administration. You promised to go line by line through the budget and get rid of shameful spending. But, as I can see from the story above, you’ve decided to allow it since it’s all George Bush’s fault. You promised to deal with the economic crisis first, but instead I see changes being implemented “according to your campaign promises” that are going to cost tax payers more money. To claim that your sweeping changes to Bush’s policies are not “political” is ridiculous. To make changes that will increase our financial responsibilities seems unwise. It’s time to focus. Until this country is out of trouble, the government MUST address the one overwhelming issue that the rest of us must face every day. The failing economy. Do not be distracted. Every single member of your government should be focusing on that one issue. Not stem cell research, not pig odor research and not “green” solutions. I do NOT see how spending money on more “studies” is going to keep our economy going. Studies don’t make money for anyone except the few scientists doing them. It doesn’t employ people the way a manufacturing company does or, for that matter, the way an oil company does. Yes, there are issues facing us but right NOW can’t we just save our asses?
Just Sayin’

To Sacramento
Let me get this straight. You cut education so that my kid’s school is losing eight teachers this year but there’s enough money to send some government wildlife expert to indoctrinate my kids about Salmon? I don’t mean the basic stuff. I mean some guy is telling my kids how evil dams are and so on. Now, I’m all for extra education, but I do NOT see why these people are still employed and still spreading the gospel of environmental policies while my children will be shorted eight teachers. Normally, I would just let it pass and let the Redneck deal with the “education” of my children, but you went too far when I discovered this program was NOT voluntary and paid for by me, but you won’t keep TEACHERS employed, I have to protest. You guys are not on my happy list.
Just sayin’

To The Dream Team
Please don’t ever, ever , ever leave. Ever. Please.
Just Sayin’

To my editors
Have I ever mentioned I hate edits? Oh. I have? Well, I do damnit!
Just Sayin’



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7 responses to “It’s a New World Out There Just Sayin’

  1. What? You don’t want to learn about the breeding and cohabitation practices of our beloved salmon. Are ya crazy?!!!

    Seriously, our politicians need to pull their head out of their arses. I say, vote for Jen, Governor of CA, 2010 (I think). I’ll be your social organizer ;-).

  2. Jen

    The Redneck was all for yanking the kids out of school for the next six Fridays while they do this lovely little program. I did some research and we’ve decided that I’m going to take the day off (from writing) and go check it out. I see any environmental fanaticism and they’re outta there. Plus, I’ll get to wear my pink in public. I found it ironic that Mr. Sander’s last day and this program were on the same day. Friday the thirteenth.
    I am an UNHAPPY voter. Just sayin’.

  3. kate willoughby

    I about cried when I read the headline about stem cell research, mainly because I oppose it from a moral standpoint, but also because I’m like, DUDE, the ECONOMY, remember?

  4. Jen

    I have difficulty with the moral aspect of the stem cell research because I believe the research is valid, but I’m not sure that the price to pay isn’t too high. My biggest complaint is that there are SO MANY OTHER THINGS that need attention right now. Like you said, DUDE, the ECONOMY remember? LOL. A friend of mine made a good point though. If he didn’t do all the things he’d campaigned on, he’d be criticized for that too.
    But still, I think we should be focusing on getting our asses out of a sling first.

  5. Mmmm…pig odor research…

  6. Great Monday rant – as usual! Hey, I downloaded that podcast of you on the radio with the computer guys awhile ago and just finally got a spare hour to listen to it – that was great! And thanks for the kind words, that was sweet. You sounded really relaxed and made some good points – I’m glad they got the sound volume figured out eventually. Cheers, steve

  7. Jen

    Wow thanks Steve. I’m glad you got to hear me pimp you.

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