ATTENTION: Ranty post NOT on Monday or Wednesday

…you have been warned.

On Thursday, as I was sitting on my ass desperately trying to get the word out about the anthology “Worth Every Risk” that came out, I got a phone call. Yes, folks, I’d forgotten about the meeting about Demolition Boy at his school. Fifteen minutes and several apologies later, I sat down at a table with five people to discuss my son.
I hate these meetings. I always feel that, somehow, I passed on my “I-suck-at-math-and-I’m-a-geek” genes to DB. Plus, the whole Attention Deficit Disorder argument gives me bad flashbacks. (I spent fourth grade numb and angry. Thank you Ritalin.) I’ve had several of these meetings for DB and they all leave me with massive feelings of guilt, frustration and hope. All at once. It’s exhausting.
Let me say that my kid has “The Dream Team” when it comes to this stuff. My first meeting with DB’s teacher was fraught with my defensiveness and hers. Yet, she and I have found ways to deal with DB and each other in such a way that my son is ON PAR with the other kids. I’ve learned to respect and admire her. She’ll never be my BFF, but she’s my son’s teacher, not my drinking buddy. (Having said that. I’m trying to fill that position. Sandi, if you’re free on some Saturday night…..)
Now, it’s amazing that he’s on par with his classmates. He was tested for several different areas (spacial, visual, verbal, memory, and other stuff) which showed something amazing. The kid was significantly above average on his verbal skills. His vocabulary was impressive and his grasp of abstract ideas amazed the woman who tested him. You have no idea how much I needed to hear this. You have no idea what a relief it was to know my son was probably normal except for one thing. His visual interpretation. Any time something was put in front of him to “visualize”, he couldn’t do it. The team explained that this was a “discrepancy” between his potential and his ability. Hooray! We can implement a program to help him.
I’ve told you all that to rant about this.
My kid’s school is cutting eight teachers. Eight. One of whom, Mr. Sanders, has helped both my sons in their development at school. It’s not right. Our state government chose to cut EDUCATION over protecting Salmon, fishing observers and other (IMHO) useless shit. I know if that happens to be YOUR job, it’s probably huge. But frankly, if the choice comes down to some guy with a clipboard throwing his weight around and Mr. Sanders? Clipboard guy GOES DOWN.
But our government doesn’t give us this choice.
They’ve cut money from the budget so NOW they can come to voters and say “Vote for higher taxes or you won’t have teachers. Or extra help for your kids. Or your “Dream Team”.
I’m more angry than I’ve ever been about this. Why? Because this is MY children’s future. What right does the State government have to cut education and health care while they continue to waste so much of my money? When will they cut their own expenses?
March 13th, everyone is encouraged to wear pink. Why? Because that’s the day good teachers will be getting pink slips. Thanks a lot, Sacramento. You’ll be getting a letter from me. I’m sick and tired of you cutting things you know are important to voters so that you can ask us for “more”.
Rant over.
Do you live here and want to give YOUR opinion on this?
Wes Chesbro is our man in Sacramento. I want to know where HE was when our teacher’s jobs were on the line. You can call him at (916) 319-2001 according to HIS WEBSITE. Congratulations to all you clipboard carriers. Looks like your job is safe, but your kids are going to be taught by eight less teachers at Ambrosini.



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15 responses to “ATTENTION: Ranty post NOT on Monday or Wednesday

  1. We’re losing teachers as well at our school. It’s happening up and down the state and it irritates the hell out of me. I don’t need to say why, you’ve already stated every reason I’m so pissed. Gah! I feel like everything’s going to shit.

    Now I’m off to make fun at a five year old’s birthday party. Grin and bear it more like, LMAO.

  2. Jen

    Have fun at the party, Karen.
    I had no idea what to say to those women of the Dream Team. These are people who they’ve come to rely on, work with, and so on. Being a teacher is hard enough and then they add this shit besides.
    I just don’t get it.
    No wonder California is one of the lowest on the scale for education.

  3. Kym

    We need to revamp our priorities. Education and Children should be number 1.

  4. Shawna

    Wow. I know just what you mean. I recently sat down with my son’s teacher, school psychologist, vice principle, parent/teacher coordinator… you get the idea, to discuss my son’s problems in school… Not a fun experience.

    My son needs tutoring but there is no tutoring available, unless of course he continues to fall behind and then they will put him in a special class for slow learners…. um… no.

    I’m glad you have your dream team. I have one teacher (math) who I love and the others, well, known my name. : )

    By the way, I nominated you for a reward on my blog. : )

  5. Shawna

    I hate it when the link doesn’t work:

  6. Jen

    Amen Kym. Amen.
    And Shawna!!!! I hope you get a dream team. It has helped my kids immensely.
    Thanks for the award!!!

  7. Wow, I can’t believe they are getting rid of one of our most popular and progressive teachers. What the hell is going on with our education system much less our government? I’m so glad DB is doing better you’ve discovered his inner talents (I knew they were in there, look at his Momma!). And yes, I’d love to take the place as your drinking buddy. I’ll bring the two buck chuck if you supply the styrofoam cups. I’ll have weekends off this summer :-).

    Oh, and I’ll be wearing pink on March 13th. Thanks for the heads-up.

  8. After the week I’ve had with ‘demolition teens’…I’m here to apply for the drinking buddy position. I don’t live in Sacramento but if I did, I’d rant. You have a great voice and I’m sure whatever letter you write, will grab the right attention. This is a terrific post.


    Natalie Acres

  9. I’ve got to agree with poster Natalie, Jen. You’re so great at succinctly stating your opinion with the perfect amount of passion/anger that any letter you write would make the reader take notice. Don’t stop at one…

    And does it piss you right the F off that those AIG bastards are getting another chunk of billions and yet the gov’t is letting the kids down? Where’s their stimulus package??

  10. Jen

    Thanks Wylie. And yes, it really does. For a government who has decided “Trickle Down Economics” doesn’t work anymore, they don’t seem to be giving me any money, but they’re giving plenty to corporations. Wylie, that would make a GREAT T-Shirt slogan.
    “Bailout Education First”.

  11. arrrggh. No wonder you feel ranty.

  12. Who are the other teachers?

  13. Jen

    I’m not sure Sandi. I didn’t want to ask. I think DB’s teacher and the rest of the dream team were pretty wrecked by it.
    Worst of all, they just seemed…resigned. I’m sure they’ve seen this happen again and again.

  14. That just sucks. I’m hoping that Mrs. Carroll survived the cuts because she was one of Tater’s favorites. She is also one of the newest so I’m worried for her.

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