A Tax Woes Just Sayin’


To Ray Lahood
I find it fascinating that your suggestion to tax by mileage and nixed by Obama seems to be the general opinion of most politicians in power right now. This proposal hurts THE WORKING MAN. Who drives his/her car the most miles? Truck drivers, people like the Redneck who have to work out of town, commuters who work from the suburbs, that’s who. So, instead of going after people who FLY PRIVATE JETS let’s get the guy who has to sit in traffic for two hours. THAT makes sense. Because, after all, the government has totally put the money from the gas tax toward its intended use-to maintain the highways. Sure you have. My suggestion, Mr. Lahood, is to focus on how the money the government gets is being misspent rather than propose any more ideas to screw the little guy.
Just Sayin’

To The IRS
Every time I get my taxes done, it seems you are doing more and more to hurt the guy trying to make a living. For example, my CPA informed me that a new tax law went into effect in 2008 that states the Redneck can’t write off his out of town expenses if he’s on a job for longer than a year. That means if the Redneck is over in Redding for a year, his TRAILER will become his “tax home” regardless of the fact that he pays a mortgage and works his ass off to do it. So, the guy who has to leave his family to work out of town because there’s no local jobs is now limited in being able to write off his mileage, his expenses. One by one, you’ve been stripping a worker of his ability to try and “make it”. The Redneck and I do all we can to continue to put money INTO a system that doesn’t reward us much. It makes it tough to see why we shouldn’t just go on welfare and say “Fuck it”. At least the Redneck would be home.
Just sayin’

To Our CPA
Funny conversation with Steve, our CPA.
Me: How do you do remember all those numbers from last year?
Him: It’s easy!
Me: Oh? It seems like math to me. *wrinkles nose*
Him: *enthusiastic* No, it’s interesting. Do you like playing monopoly?
Me: No.
Him: *crestfallen* Oh, well it’s like that. You just put the numbers in an see what happens.
Me: I’m just really glad you enjoy your work.
Thank God you do like your work, Steve. Thanks for everything.
Just sayin’

To the Computer Guys at KMUD
I hope the next time you do a show, you do it on the upcoming technology of Ebooks. A lot of people don’t have a clue about the technology and I think it could be the wave of the future. Not that I have an ax to grind there. LOL.
Just sayin’

To The Dirt Faced Okie Boys
A whole week home and I’m done. The one good thing about Monday today is we’re back to our routine. I know. Not for you.
Just Sayin’

To Lex Valentine
Congratulations on the release of your book!!!!! It’s AWESOME!!!!!!
Just Sayin’



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8 responses to “A Tax Woes Just Sayin’

  1. I hear ya! I put 18,000 miles on my car last year – that’s one more tax I don’t need to deal with. I don’t understand what our politicians are thinking – if they even are.

  2. verybadcat

    I really can’t speak on any of it anymore without copious overuse of swear words and general foaming at the mouth. Something like @(**(&*(&OTAXES @(*#&$(**(&&*(( how do i always owe when WH can’t keep work/hours 2(*@#&(*&#$&*(*((* what the O)*()(*&(*&**(&(*&(* do they do with my *(&(*#&$&(*&*(& money anyway, oh, i forgot, they give it to banks that (*#*&()$#()*()* want to take everything I own because I can’t pay them, but oh, @#(*$(***(*( I did, I just did it with the tax dollars I didn’t have. ()#@$&()()()$*)()(**$)(#)()(@) assholes.

    yeah, like that.

  3. Man I still need to finish doing my taxes. Sigh. Depressing.

    And I was so happy to send my boogers back to school today. They had a week off too and sometimes it was good but most of the time it was torture!

  4. Jen

    Sandi, no kidding. And according to the new tax law, the Redneck won’t be able to write off the 30K he drove last year. Yep. 30K. It sucks.
    And VBC, yes yes yes. That’s exactly it.
    Karen, I wasn’t all that much fun for my poor kids. They were happy to be home from school, but not with me. LOL. I hope they have a good day today.

  5. Lex

    Thank you, Jen! *sniffs*

    BTW, I totally get where the CPA is coming from. I just use taxbrain.com and it pulls up my info from the prior year, I plug in new numbers from this year and voila! All done! Still, I had a tax preparer’s license for many years so I get where he’s coming from! lol

  6. I just stopped over and scrolled down everything I’ve missed. I haven’t seen you around the internet, we must just keep missing each other. Sounds like things are moving along in your corner of the world. Hugs, chicka!

  7. Sue

    The spelling of “Tax” should be changed. I know there is another letter we can add on to make it a ‘four letter word’. Blah. BTW, you need to send me a snippet and linkage to your stuff for my ebook giveaway. ASAP! Unless you don’t want me to pimp you. 😦 I like pimpin’ you out 😉

  8. Jen

    Now see, Lex, that is very cool. Me? I don’t get it, but then, I’m a math deficient. LOL.
    And Nina, I know what you mean! Sometimes it feels like I spend all day online but then, there’s people I keep missing, so I guess I’m off sometimes.
    Man, Toni Sue, I can ALWAYS use a pimp. Where’s your big, glittery purple hat?

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