Thirteen Reasons Last Night’s Radio Visit Was Fun

So last night, I’m on the phone with The Redneck on my cell phone when my land line rang. A local radio station asked me to come on their show to talk about “blogs”. So, after the shock wore off, (and I put on extra deodorant) I actually had fun.

1. Talking about Humboldt Blogs
I love my local blogs. Kym, Sandi, Chocolate Covered Xanax, The Humboldt Mirror and so many more. LOVE my local blogs.

2. Being on the Radio
Okay. I’ll admit it. I was totally star struck.

3. Being on a COMPUTER show
Stop laughing. I mean it!!! Damn it, Crystal, quit laughing. (I know. It’s laughable considering how completely technoignorant I am.

4. Talking to Rick and Steve
Yeah, they were totally cool.

5. Did I mention I was ON THE RADIO?
I did? Oh. But I WAS!!!!!

6. Hearing about The Reggae Affair for the First Time
Eric of SoHum Parlance mentioned this Reggae war controversy. Yeah, I’m ignorant.

7. Hearing about The SKYPE Thing
You can’t spy on SKYPE conversations. Who knew?

8. The Interesting Techno News
The Google lawsuit, Facebooks Terms of use, other stuff. Cool.

9. If You Listen Closely…
….you can hear me ALMOST say something inappropriate for radio. It’s when one of the guys (I think it was Steve) said something about not performing in the morning. I couldn’t help it.

10. Did I mention I WAS ON THE RADIO?
Right. Right. I did. (But it was SO COOL!)

11. Getting to pimp Alaska Steve’s Blog

12. Getting to pimp The Redneck Mommy

13. Did I mention that I got to be on the radio?
Hey! It was my very own fifteen minutes of fame. Let me bask. *basking*

Here’s the link. It’s the Wednesday Night Talk Show February 18th
No laughing. Well, except where appropriate.



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28 responses to “Thirteen Reasons Last Night’s Radio Visit Was Fun

  1. LOL I’m glad you had so much fun. What an adventure. Maybe your next heroine will be a radio personality? hmmm Happy T13!

  2. That is so awesome!!! πŸ™‚ I would freak out if someone wanted me to talk on the radio. LOL Happy Thursday! *HUGS*

  3. Congrats! I’ll have to listen to it when I get home from work. Happy T13!

  4. Shawna

    I heard you! Well done. It was an interesting show and you didn’t sound starstruck. ; )I’m glad you had fun. I’m personally glad about Skype, I use it to talk with my fiance in Barcelona. We’d be lost without it, or at least buried in phone bills.

  5. Jen

    It was a lot of fun! Thanks guys!
    And Shawna, I use SKYPE too, but not as much as I should.

  6. Okay, that was very cool!


    My TT is at

  7. Congrats on your radio debut! Maybe you’ll be able to spin out your fifteen minutes a bit longer, too? πŸ˜‰

    And, yeah, that Skype thing is just one more reason Skype is awesome!

    Happy TT!

  8. I can’t find the talk show on the list. Wah.

  9. Hehe, I heard you start laughing about the performing in the morning comment, ‘cuz I started laughing too. Great job, I’m totally jealous!

  10. It sounds like you had fun and did a great job. I have no idea what Skype is??

  11. Jen

    Awww darn, Alice. It’s “Wednesday Night Talk” on February 18th. Click on “Podcast” and it should give you the download.
    Sandi, I wish you could have been there!!!! I was hoping.
    Shelley, I did have fun. SKYPE is an online phone system that works through your computer. You get headphones and mics ($20 at Target) or even a Bluetooth (I wasn’t sure if mine was compatible though) and you can call anyone who is also on SKYPE for free. Think of it as Instant Messaging with voice. You can get really reasonable phone plans so you can call land lines and cell phones too. It’s pretty cool. I have it, but I haven’t used it much.

  12. Glad you enjoyed the experience — maybe you’ll get to do it again some time!

  13. Congrats and what an honor for you!

  14. Eric Kirk

    You were a natural Jen. I’d plug you for your own KMUD show.

  15. what fun! glad you had a good time πŸ™‚

  16. I read an essay on the radio once and like you I filed it under “things that make me need extra deodorant.”

  17. Kym

    Jen, I got home from SF to find an email asking me to listen to the show and maybe call in and comment. I’m so bummed I missed listening (and maybe giving you a little phone harrassment!)

  18. Jen

    Thanks Heather, Karen and Janet!
    And Eric! I don’t know if I have enough deodorant for my own show. LOL.
    LMAO Colleen! Exactly.
    Dang it, Kym! One of the tough things about being online bloggers is that I don’t know last names and phone numbers! Rick asked me if I knew your last name…and I didn’t. *hangs head in shame*.
    I would have LOVED a little phone harassment.

  19. Sorry I missed it, Jen! I’m sure you were fabulous.

  20. Jen

    Oh thanks Kristabel! I wish you could have done it too. I don’t know if I was fabulous. I had one of my friends Instant Messaging me while she listened to the live stream. She told me to quit saying “um”. LOL.

  21. Oh, hey! I just realized you can listen to it online. Even more fabulous!

  22. sohumborn

    I listened to your interview… Awesome!
    I did my first radio time with Kym (redheaded black belt) Eric (Humboldt Grow) and Jen (House of Sand and Fog) on KSLG the other day. I think it was the 12th. I had to sit in a different room because they changed my voice, but I had the best time talking with them. It was cool at the time, but when I realized on the way home, that other people had listened the way I listen to the radio. I had a crazy weird feeling.
    Anyway, I love your writing. The more I read the more I want to read. Thanks!

  23. Jen

    Awesome Kristabel!!!!
    And sohumborn, how cool that you were on KSLG!!!! I’d LOVE that! I really wanted Rick and Steve to get Kym on there. I lurrrve her.
    It is kind of odd.
    And thanks for the compliment. Yours did the same for me!

  24. Jen, you were absolutely great! I know that after being put in a situation like that, you always wonder how you really did.

    “Was I good? Or are my friends just telling me that?”

    I want you to know that you were Great! You were a delight to listen to. I vote with Eric, you would do well as a talk-show hostess.

  25. melsmag

    That’s so cool that you were on the radio! πŸ˜€

  26. Jen

    Oh thanks Ernie! I know Rick and Steve were talking about getting you on the show. I just didn’t want to commit any major gaffes! Glad I pulled it off.
    Thanks Mel. It was a blast.

  27. Thanks for the link – I listened to the radio show all the way across the continent! Kewl!

    SO great to hear your voice, Jen!

  28. Eric Kirk

    Jen, I got home from SF to find an email asking me to listen to the show and maybe call in and comment. I’m so bummed I missed listening (and maybe giving you a little phone harrassment!)

    Kym, it’ll be available in the kmud archives for at least a couple of months.

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