It’s A Tuesday Just Sayin’

Due to President’s Week, Monday fell on Tuesday this week. Yayyyyy? *snort*

To The Redneck
There just isn’t enough coffee in the world to make today go better for us. Add to it that I made an appointment with the Tax man before I realized that 1. I’d be up at 2am this morning instead of Monday morning and 2. the dirt faced okie boys would be home from school and 3. I’d have a cold, well you have a recipe for massive disgruntlement. So, after I’m done blogging, I’m going back to bed. Fuck it.
Just Sayin’

To Congress
How is it possible that you are going to play POLITICS while the country hangs in the balance? How is it possible that ANY PORK would be debated and added to a “Stimulus Package” designed to rescue this country from the brink of disaster? How the hell do you sleep at night? It’s absolutely amazing. If I treated my bills the way you do, I would be homeless on the street. You completely missed the mark. As far as I’m concerned, if ANY of my California Senator or Representative added pork and voted for this travesty and I have a chance to vote against you? I will. You can’t put a pretty spin on what I saw happen on Capitol Hill this week. The excuse “That’s the way the game is played” is so stupid, I wonder how ya’ll manage to find your own ass every day.
Just Sayin

To The State Legislature
Having a photo op of ya’ll SLEEPING to show how hard you’re working is just another example of your incredible stupidity. You had no intention of passing a budget. If you did, you MIGHT have to cut things, live within your means like the rest of us chumps and actually compromise. I’m disgusted with the behavior of our politicians in this failing economy. I know I’m not the only one. The worst part? There’s no recourse to stop your sorry asses. I will use my vote, regardless of the futility of it, to get rid of each and every one of you. Incumbent means OUT to me.
Just Sayin’

To President Obama
The Redneck and I have conceded that you may be the right man for the job, though we worry that your choices of men to surround yourself with have not been good choices. As our economy fails and things get worse, I hope your choices improve.
Just Sayin’

To The Cub Scouts
I still don’t get the Pinewood Derby although this year went better than last year. At least this year our blocks of wood made it over the finish line. I shouldn’t complain. The Redneck does all the work with no wood working tools. It chaps his ass that the “trendy” fathers with the fancy equipment always out competes the basic design. It always brings up the hidden conspiracy of “unauthorized use of lube” which just sounds wrong to me. (The rules state ONLY powdered graphite for lubrication…whatever that means). Next up? The Rain Gutter Regatta. Oh goody.
Just Sayin’

To my readers
Check out Once Upon A Crime where I’ll discuss how little mystery is left in the world.
Just Sayin’



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4 responses to “It’s A Tuesday Just Sayin’

  1. ooh. Unauthorized use of lube. Now that sounds interesting. LOL

    Hope you’re feeling better!

  2. Jen

    LOL! It would be if I wrote it, Attila. Not so much in real life.

  3. Yay! We don’t have to do a Pinewood car this year! Did I say, “YAY!!!”? Ahem. Our regatta is so laid back compared to the derby though. the car competition can get insane. Have you ever seen the movie “Down and Derby”? It’s a must see if you’ve ever had to make one. Now I get to learn fun Boy Scout things… I’m skeered.

  4. Hey! You sounded great on the radio! I was in training from 5-10 PM or I would have called in.

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