HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!! Each year, Romance Divas has a “FREE READ” to give readers a taste of Diva romance. This year, some of our best have come up with some awesome reads. Check them out.

Melissa Blue “Talk Nerdy To Me”
This one is “sensual”.
Kathleen Gabriel’s “The Kansas Connection”
A steamy offering of romantic comedy.
Kim Knox’s “Xander”
Watch out because Kim’s is HOT HOT HOT.
Lauren Johnson “My Secret Valentine”
Adelle Lauden’s “Save Your Smiles For Me”
Don’t miss Adelle’s stories. No one does sweet better.
Nara Malone’s “Owned”
A BDSM VERY HOT romance.
A Jennifer McKenzie book “Puzzle of the Heart”
This book doesn’t have a bunch of sex in it. It’s definitely sweeter than most of my stuff.
Rylee Myst’s “Accidental Date”
Steamy romance.
Dawn Montgomery’s “Super Heat”
VERY VERY hot fantasy!
Debbie Mumford’s “Something Unexpected”
A sweet romance. Debbie is EXTREMELY good at this stuff.
Lauren Murphy’s “Locked In Love”
Extra spicy!!!! Hot hot hot!
A.J. Donovan’s “None So Blind”
Sweet, light paranormal.
Bryl R. Tyne’s “Wrong Trousers”
There are loads of Free Reads at the Midnight Moon Cafe featuring Cora Zane, Cassandra Curtis and Tempest Knight. Check Them Out!!!!

And for your viewing pleasure. “Love Taps”



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3 responses to “FREE ROMANCE EBOOK READS for Valentine’s Day

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day, Jen! And thanks for the Diva fiction sampler – had a taste of Nara Malone and thought it was like an amazing poem.

  2. Jen

    I love the free reads, Julia. If nothing else, it gives you an idea what we all write like unedited! LOL. (I found two mistakes in mine already. LOL.)

  3. Thanks for the pimpage, Jen and Triple Hot rating 😀

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