An Unbelievable Just Sayin’


To Arnold
Oh. My. God. You stun me. Absolutely stun me. You insist that State workers take a mandatory furlough UNPAID. Yet, you and other lawmakers have been holding budget talks in private. And while the boys in the backroom are dividing up the small, meager income WE have, you’ve been blocking efforts to pass a budget.

A spokeswoman for Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento, said that discretion has been essential to productive negotiations — particularly after the public shouting matches between Republicans, Democrats and the governor’s office that resulted in Schwarzenegger vetoing the Democrats’ budget last month.
Um, bullshit. I’m tired of this, Mr. Terminator. You got into office by a fluke (a recall election because you NEVER would have made the Republican nomination) and now all your claims off bipartisanship seem to be a load of crap. My opinion of the State government has never been high, but it seems like the vitriol has gotten worse under your leadership. And while the legislature has been planning to raise my taxes they’re still getting paid.
My solution? Nobody in Sacramento gets paid until the budget is voted in. I’ll bet that’ll get your ass moving. Rather than tell DMV workers they have to stay home two Fridays a month, why don’t YOU guys take a pay cut? We pay you a shitload of money and you’re not DOING YOUR JOB!!!!!! Why should hard working state workers who DO their job stay home and you get your cushy salary when you’re NOT?
And you wonder why we vote your asses out every chance we get.
Just sayin’

To The California State Legistature
All of the above PLUS where do you get off raising my taxes? You’ve squandered my money, killed California’s credit, passed the blame up to the governor’s office (whether it was Pete Wilson, Gray Davis or The Terminator) but most of it lies at your doorstep. GOP or Democrat, Newbie or Veteran, you’re all responsible for the pitiful place we find ourselves. What’s sad is I’m not surprised. And I don’t expect it to get any better. If we vote you out and replace you with a newbie, the aide runs the government. If I leave you in, you take that a tacit agreement with your thievery. Meanwhile, our state spirals into insanity. Makes me want to move to Alaska.
Just Sayin’

Oh, and California? One MORE thing
I’m still pissed about the IOU for my tax return.
Just sayin’

To Cub Scouts
Really, someone needs to explain this to me. The Pinewood Derby. A block of wood, sandpaper and some mystical working that produces sawdust and a VERY cranky Redneck is all I ever seem to see. Last year, the boy’s car didn’t even cross the finish line. They were devastated, hurt, in tears. Would someone explain how this has anything to do with doing “my duty to God and my country and to help other people..”? Like the Rain Gutter Regatta, it completely misses me. I mean, the cars are cool and all, but REALLY what is the point? Do you really believe that the seven year old is wielding sandpaper and a file to make the cars according to your specifications? I still think they should quit pretending and admit that this is just to give forty year old men something to brag about.
Just Sayin’

To Darius Rucker
Too True.
Just Sayin’



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10 responses to “An Unbelievable Just Sayin’

  1. We used to do those cars when I was in Awana clubs too as a kid and my dad would shape them and sand them and drill holes in the bottom so we could add washers and coins for weight to make it faster. My mom would paint them and apply decals. All I did was take it to the top of the track and hand it to someone who would put it in a lane. I think I won a few times. Later the cars became ride-on toys for my barbies as I sent the careening to their certain death down the stairs. 😉

    Oh and NY is in just as bad a shape – hiring freeze for all state positions. Tax increases, grasping at straws to find the money to continue to fund all the ridiculous programs while cutting things that actual create jobs. We are doomed.

  2. Jen

    I hear you Tricia. I “heard” but I don’t know if it’s true, that one of the “necessary” items to stimulate the economy was a golf course. But it looks like the congress got caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

  3. Life is no different now than when the aristocrats had tenant farmers and squeezed every drop of labor from them in order to finance their house in town, their country estate, their travels to the Continent, etc. etc. etc. Now the ‘aristocrats’ are in government positions and pass laws which line their pockets, not ours. The only difference between now and then is that we can vote individuals out of their spot at the trough. But as you say – only to be replaced by another one.

    Ah, life. Is good, non?

  4. Yeah…what she said! The economy is seriously so depressing and we are really feeling the crunch in our family. The lack of available o/t at work is killing me because that takes away any extras. I guess I should be thankful I have a job at all but it still sucks.

  5. I have an award for you. Stop by when you have a minute. I hope it brightens up your day. 🙂

  6. verybadcat

    You California peeps are heading towards a bloody revolution, I have no doubt. I don’t blame you, either.

  7. I still am in shock over the IOU tax returns. So wrong.

  8. I loved the Pinewood Derby.

    I tried to give an IOU to the grocery store the other day. They tossed me out on my ass.

  9. Jen

    Tell me about VBC.
    and ME TOO Amy.
    Hey Gramps, why don’t you do a blog post on The Pinewood Derby? Cause I really don’t get it. LOL.

  10. Phew! Thanks. Just reading that made me feel a lot better. And I think VBC is right. It’s going to get really ugly(er.)

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