There’s A Lot Going On!

Well, first of all, it’s Tuesday so I’m over at Once Upon A Crime.
Next, Kate Pearce is celebrating the release of her new book “Riding The Line”. She’s having a contest and all you have to do is comment! It ends February 9th so don’t miss out. Easy Peasy. You could win a sexy cowboy book! Check it out HERE.
Also, one of my author friends Rhiannon Leith has released her novella with Liquid Silver Books called “Captive Flame” (It’s AWESOME. Check it out HERE.) She’s giving away a free copy if you come and comment on her website. Come on over.
Lastly, I know I promised a contest this month and I definitely will. It might not be for a couple of weeks. I’m buried under a few writing projects (revising “Legends” and writing “CHILDREN OF ASBEREK”).
Meanwhile, take advantage of other people’s contests!!!!



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2 responses to “There’s A Lot Going On!

  1. Other contests are always good. 🙂

  2. Did I mention I love you? You book-pusher you!
    Kate x

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