A Super Just Sayin’


To The Arizona Cardinals
I yelled. I jumped up and down. I groaned at the amount of penalties! But you were amazing, fantastic, incredible. I wish you could have won your first Superbowl yesterday, but it was not to be. Kurt Warner, thanks for proving that being close to forty doesn’t mean dead. You may have lost, but you gave me a Superbowl to be remembered. For too many years this event has been boring, staid, a yawn. You and The Steelers made it exciting, pulse pounding and worth watching. The NFL owes you a debt of gratitude for your performance.
Just Sayin’

To The Pittsburgh Steelers
You were persistent, talented and pulled yardage out of no where. You were a pleasure to watch as you mixed up the plays and kept the Cardinals off balance. Once, when I was a kid, you were a team of titans, giants, absolute football authority. I loved to watch you then and I love to watch you now. Congratulations on your stellar win. Ben Roethlisberger, you were AMAZING!!!! You scramble in the Joe Montana way that made me scream with frustration (since I was rooting for Arizona to have their very first Superbowl. The Underdog, doncha know). No one could have found a way to make the throws you did. Well, except Joe. And the catch that put you in the lead? Absolutely fantastic Santonio Holmes. I was thrilled to see the level of play and the incredible talent. What an awesome game.
Just Sayin’

To The NFL
I have been avoiding you for a long time. Once, I watched every game-preseason, overtime, playoffs, probowl–EVERY. GAME. Then, a pervasive ugliness began to invade my football. A kind of arrogance mixed with taunting and excessive celebration seemed to permeate every game. The pregames began to resemble the stupid smack talking that boxers spewed before a fight. Players were being caught for cheating, drug use, criminal activity, and there seemed to be an attitude of “So What?” in the upper echelon of the NFL organization. Little by little, I quit watching. Then, the Superbowl got boring, including blatantly bad calls and over commercialism. I didn’t watch a game this year until the playoffs. I noticed that things had changed. Unsportsmanlike conduct was no longer tolerated. Penalties for late hits and excessive celebration were being handed out like candy at Halloween. I sat up and took notice. Yesterdays game was done very, very well. You should hand your Referees a bonus since they made hard calls and kept the lid on an EXTREMELY passionate game. I never ONCE felt like a call wasn’t justified. If the trend continues in the direction it’s going, I’ll be watching again.
Just Sayin

To The Producers of the Pregame and Half Time Show
Okay, Jennifer Hudson? Excellent call. Her version of “The Star Spangled Banner” brought tears to my eyes. Poor old Faith Hill was completely eclipsed. But Bruce Springsteen? Meh. I wasn’t too impressed. I know there are some who LOVE the boss and there certainly wouldn’t be any Janet Jackson Wardrobe Malfunction with him, but still! Couldn’t we have Nickleback? Or maybe The Sick Puppies? Oh, and the idea of having Conan O’Brian, Jay Leno, some dude from The Office and Al Roker (The Weatherman from The Today Show) seemed a little to much like NBC pimping its shit. I was unimpressed. With the pregame STARTING at 9am with the game at 3pm, it seemed like you were filling the pregame slot with mindless crap. What I want in a pregame show? Three hours of footage from the whole season’s games that led to this momentous clash between the best of the best. You know. FOOTBALL. Some of your interviews were good and I loved it when the REAL commentators came out to give their insight into the upcoming game. All that other crap? Annoying. Very very annoying.
Just Sayin’

To those of you who read my blog and aren’t football fans
I’d totally write about something else, but I don’t have much new to tell you all. Writing? Meh. Politics? Meh. The Economy? Ugh. There are just some Mondays it’s more interesting to talk about football.
Just Sayin’



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4 responses to “A Super Just Sayin’

  1. I’m good with it 😉

  2. Shawna

    Did Roethlisberger have some kind of invisible deflection shield or something??? It was a good game even if the Cardinals didn’t win.

    Fitzgerald has hands like an early Rice. Amazing.

    Oh and I believe it was 92 of the Steelers, he should have been taken out of the game. That was more than unsportsmanlike conduct.

  3. Andi

    Well, I don’t know diddly about football, but I enjoyed your Just Sayin’ about what went on last night. Everyone was talking about the game this morning…saying how it was just so much fun to watch.

    So there you go!

  4. The man loves NFL football. Me? Not so much. (But give me a college game where I can sit in the stands, and I’m all over it!) But I at least try to keep my ear to the ground and know who’s playing in the playoffs and the superbowl. The game was running in the background for me until the last 30 minutes or so. Then I took notice. I too root for the underdog and I like red. So when it looked like Cardinals might pull it off I was glued. It was indeed a good game. (Did that at least sound like I had a clue? LOL!)

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