A Skittish Just Sayin

These may make me unpopular but….

To President Obama
I am fascinated by the contrast between the man of peace you ran your campaign on and the man who has come into office. When I first saw you at the 2004 Democratic Convention, I had great hopes that you would bring the divisions to an end. However, that is not the case. Your instant sweeping away of abortion restrictions (including using federal money to support clinics in other countries to give abortions) seems to be more of the same. Interesting that we aren’t pulled out of Iraq yet, but you’re risking some serious ugliness with Pakistan. Don’t get me wrong. I expected this. Regardless of the words that you inspired the rest of America with, I searched for content and found another wolf in sheep’s clothing. As one who was bitterly deceived by Bill Clinton and found out my trust was mislaid, I was unwilling to be fooled again. I hoped, but did not expect, Greatness. Unlike some, I wish you the best because you will definitely need it to survive in the glittering, foul world of Washington politics. But somehow, I think you will thrive there. And that may make me unpopular. It isn’t because you don’t agree with me politically that I view your presidency with some cynicism. It’s because I resent the fine words and fabulous sentiments that makes America great used to further petty, political infighting. The media may give you a pass, Sir, but I cannot.
Just Sayin’

To Liz Sidoti
Your story on the first week of Obama’s presidency summarily dismissed quite a few Americans in a sweeping generalization….again. What fascinates me is the contrast YOU’VE made is WRONG. Take a look at THIS CONVERSATION. Interesting how history has been rewritten. Check your facts, Liz. Bush was struggling NOT to be divisive. Obama has been nothing but. Please stop trying to change history to fit your new political wind.
Just sayin

To The Redneck
Okay, so when Speed Racer lived here, you complained about him because he slept all day and didn’t have a job. You got so irritated with him that when Speed Racer left, he was relieved to go. Now, we’ve got your brother here. He sleeps all day and doesn’t have a job. AND he disappears for days on end (so his daughter calls here looking for him) and then shows up days later saying he was “out of cell phone range” and sleeps for three days solid. Explain to me why THAT’S okay?
Just sayin’

To Hulu
OMG! You’re like crack for my soul! It’s so bad. I can sit for hours and watch all the episodes of my shows I’ve missed. But then, no writing will be done! Wahhhh. I can’t control myself.
Just sayin’

To my dogs
What is it about barking your fool heads off fifty million times last night? I have two words for you. Fur Slippers.
Just Sayin’



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12 responses to “A Skittish Just Sayin

  1. verybadcat

    You say it, girl. I’m right here behind you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Oh…my…goodness…Sing it sistah. I agree with you 100% and you put into words (so very eloquently) exactly what I was thinking. What’s up with the bro-in-law situation? Do you need me to come calling ๐Ÿ˜‰ ?

  3. Jen

    Thanks VBC and Sandi!
    I know there are some who wouldn’t agree with me. I’m actually less offended by Obama himself than I am with the lack of media honesty.
    And my BIL took off today to go to work…I guess. I have no idea WHAT’S going on with him. *grumble*

  4. Shawna

    You’re a brave and eloquent woman and I applaud you (not just because I agree with your sentiments). This year, more than ever, I’ve become skittish of even giving the appearance of questioning an Obama policy. I first heard him speak about 4 years ago and thought at the time, he would be president someday. He’s a gifted orator, but as he campaigned, I listened to the words and heard a politician. Donโ€™t get me wrong, I wish him the best; he’s my president and I love my country.
    I found conversation you linked very interesting.

  5. Jen

    Well, Shawna, I sooooo wanted to believe in Barrack Obama. I was disillusioned before The Redneck was. Poor guy. He hung on a little longer. I’m afraid politics doesn’t draw the truly heroic, only the politically savvy.

  6. Love it!!!! I couldn’t have said it better. I’m glad I’m not the only one.


  7. Jen, I’m ashamed to say that I barely pull my head up to look at our political climate. I always find your rants about politics enlightening. And sorry to hear about the BIL situation. Sometimes families can drive us absolutely insane.

    And Happy Anniversary to you and the Redneck. Hope it’s filled with all sorts of naughty goodies!

  8. Jen

    Nope, you’re not Deidre.
    And Nina I’m glad you enjoy my rants. My BIL took off for God knows how long on Sunday. Supposedly, he’s gone to work. As for my Anniversary, I’ll be spending it alone. *sigh*.

  9. Happy anniversary :-). I’m drinking a glass a wine and celebrating your wedded bliss.

  10. When Obama got rid of Guantanamo, I sang Hallelujah. I find nothing to complain about the new prez, as I am a bleeding heart liberal and proud of it. I also don’t expect a politician to be anything other than savvy, willing to do the hard things while singing platitudes to the public. I have no idea why people want their leaders to be heroic. A hero wouldn’t last 2 seconds in Ceasar’s Rome, and that’s where Obama’s got to stay – one step ahead of Brutus.

  11. Jen

    You are absolutely correct Julia. I think the thing that bothers me is the attempt that’s been made to separate Obama from Ceasar’s Rome. For two years, he stated he was NOT part of the ugly political landscape you mention. I don’t need my leader to be heroic. I’d like him, however, to be a little more up front with me. Don’t promise me heroism and give me the same old, same old.
    And I’m totally willing to accept that others don’t believe the way I do. However, I take issue with the media’s portrayal of a man who is NOT divisive. He is, by his very political life, divisive. Those who disagree are not gone, placated or going to bow to the new order of things any more than those who disagreed with Bush did.
    You make an excellent point, Julia. Why, if it takes a savvy prez to survive in Washington, do we continue to seek the anti politician? Frankly, I’m with you. I don’t want a sheep in office. But please, if you’re a wolf, don’t bleat like a sheep.

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