The Next Step…

So, some of you know I’ve been angsting a bit lately. I’ve come to see that I need to work on my stuff, take it a step further.
I’m in transition, which sucks.
But I’ve reopened “Legends” and I’m hoping to improve it, edit the hell out of it, and sub it for epublishing. The experience there will help me revise “A ROCK AND A DEAD PLACE” before I submit it.
Nothing else very interesting going on.
I’m going back to school I have things to learn and I’m going to learn them. It ain’t fun though.
We’ll see how it goes.



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2 responses to “The Next Step…

  1. Yeah Jen! You can do it!!! It took me ten long years to get my BS and it was so worth it.

  2. Sue

    Hey, I’m finishing my English Major online. We can study together 🙂 I know that you always finish what you put your mind to, so it is only a matter of time. It’s all gravy, baby.

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