If you missed…

…the workshop is still up at Divas. It was absolutely fantastic.
Zane, one of the pioneers in the erotic romance industry, was brilliant and it was fascinating to hear her take on the industry. She is one of the leading Erotica writers and forged the way for the rest of us to be able to write sexy, gritty stories that people want to read. Considering how busy she is, the fact that she took the time to educate other authors was awesome.
Joey W. Hill was…well, Joey W. Hill. Having been a die hard fan of hers for a while now, it was a blast to pick her brain at the workshop. As always, she was informative and fabulous. Yeah, I fawned all over her. Poor thing. She took it well.
Jasmine Haynes was so smart and savvy. I met Jasmine in San Francisco and when I read her books, I knew she would be fantastic at our workshop. And she was. There aren’t too many people who can write Contemporary Erotic Romance without some other gimmick with it (paranormal, BDSM, etc.) but Jasmine does. Her take on the mechanics of Erotic writing was fantastic.
Denise Rossetti was a blast. She was funny, smart and witty. I enjoyed her so much. And considering she was on Aussie time AND had a wedding to attend, she managed to STILL give us lots of information to think about.
Finally, Tina Burns represented Liquid Silver Books and gave everyone a “heads up” about what they’d like to see there for Erotic romance. I was excited to hear her take on f/f romance and other issues. She was AWESOME.
It was heaven to be surrounded by so many fabulous authors. They were gracious, informative and brilliant. It doesn’t get much better than that.



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3 responses to “If you missed…

  1. I poured over it yesterday, such wonderful information and you asked some FANTASTIC questions. Need to go back and read more!


  2. Jen

    I was a blast Karen. I had so much fun.

  3. Sounded like a great workshop. And thanks for the linkage love for these writers – I’ll go check them out.

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