Thirteen Reasons January ROCKS!!!

Having a little post holiday let down? Here’s thirteen reasons why I thing January ROCKS.
1. It’s R.G. Alexander’s Birthday today
Great way to kick off this month. Happy Birthday R.G.!!!!
2. Patti O’Shea is doing a workshop
At the Cobblestone Press forum on Friday January 9 until January 11th! It’s going to be fantastic!!!
3. The Erotic Romance Workshop at Romance Divas
You can get information HERE.
4. Martin Luther King’s Birthday
I find it satisfying that his day of birth is celebrated. The man gave hope, not just to a race, but to a generation of Americans. May his legacy continue.
5. My Wedding Anniversary
The Redneck and I were married January 28th, 2000 and we celebrate nine years.
6. Fast Draft
This month I am going to KICK ASS on word count.
7. Fishing
This time of year, The Redneck takes the boys out Redtail fishing. That means a little down time on the weekends for me.
8. Clamming
Around here, the lowest tides sometimes fall in January. The kids love to go digging on the beach.
9. Closer to Spring
I’m one of those weird people who enjoys the winter, but The Redneck HATES it. January rocks because he starts to see the “end of the tunnel”
10. Opilio Season
Some of the most exciting footage on The Deadliest Catch is captured in January.
11. Down Time
For us, after the busy holiday season and the rushing around, January is the mellow month. Mostly because we’re broke. LOL.
12. Hot Chocolate
For some reason, I associate January with this yummy goodness. I don’t know why.
13. The Holidays Are Over
The kids are back in school, I’m not working in the office anymore and writing is back in top priority.

Can YOU think of any other reasons why January rocks?



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15 responses to “Thirteen Reasons January ROCKS!!!

  1. I’m with your hubby … one month closer to spring. Yay! The checkbook also bounces back from the hits it took last month. One of these years I’m going to make a Christmas budget. Haven’t figured out how to do that. Ah well.

  2. “January is the mellow month. Mostly because we’re broke. ” I hear you there! Holy Cow it’s a long wait til pay day. Bring on Spring, it can’t get here fast enough! Happy New Year!

  3. Happy Anniversary! I’ve got a new book out and my birthday is in Jan!


    My TT is at

  4. Congrats on the 9 years!

    No way I’m doing Fast Draft this time. When I do it I can’t keep up with myself. πŸ™‚

  5. Mmmm. Cocoa definitely = January!

    PS – We woke up and the Thursday Thirteen was gone. Will it be back? No one knows. But for now here’s a little spot on the web to bring us all together again.

  6. Absolutely everyone. And Megan, thanks for the link. I just heard from Alice about the previous owners and their daughter. It’s so sad.

  7. I love January for the beginnings. I agree, after the holidays are over, the quiet is a welcome reprieve, but throughout the month I seem to be motivated to try new things, venture into new arenas, clean out the old, and make way for the things to come. Yeah, January is a pretty cool month!

  8. Good to hear the new year is starting with such a bang! πŸ™‚

  9. Alright, I’ll let this one go, but your number one reason should have been my birthday!! January 2nd!!! Gunny’s birthday is on the 12th as well. Congrats on the anniversary. In June we’ll be celebrating 11 longgggg years!

  10. Up here, it’s because the days are getting longer. I work until 6 everyday so it sucks to have darkness during my play time. Plus the boat traffic through the channel increases after the quiet month of December. Ironically, the island is half deserted in December and comes to life in January. Plus new beginnings! cheers, steve

  11. A reason January rocks? How about a new president? Happy TT, Jennifer!

  12. Jen

    Oh ANOTHER good reason Sandi!!!! I totally forget. And D’s birthday too!!!
    And Steve, that’s one thing about Alaska I did notice. A lot of activities happen in January. (Like the Iditerod.)
    Honestly, Heather, I’m not one of the people counting down the days until Bush is gone, but I know many are. So that’s another good reason!

  13. It’s a great time for new beginnings and the New Year’s Resolutions are still fresh and do-able. We haven’t given up with hopeless abandon (that’s what February is for – LOL!).

    And I’m shoutin’ out a big ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!’ to RG πŸ™‚

  14. Yes, I CAN think of another reason why January rocks.

    It’s a BEGINNING. And I love beginnings because they offer hope and challenge and there’s no mistakes snapping at my heels (yet). I’ve never been enough of an in-the-moment gal–I always seem to be looking ahead for something better…


  15. Jen

    Awesome Andi!!!!! That’s the way to do it. (By The Way, those of you who love Twilight should head over to Andi’s blog. She’s been doing a little fan fic and she’s FANTASTIC. Just sayin’)

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